9 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh: 35 E-bikes Gutted At Bhopal's e-bike Charging Station At ISBT


BHOPAL: A major accident took place at the e-bike charging station and cycle godown located at ISBT, Bhopal. 


E-bike caught fire during charging


An e-bike caught fire during charging. Due to the impact, 35 e-bikes got burnt and became junk. Of these, 25 were new e-bikes. 


In this incident, the furniture of the office built above the godown has been damaged, while some equipment has also been reduced to ashes.


The Municipal Corporation officials are also estimating the loss. However, earlier the officers had said about 25 e-bikes and 125 cycles were gutted. When probed, the picture became clear. The first e-bike facility was started in Bhopal two months ago.


Smart City Corporation gives notice

Smart City Corporation has given notice to the company operating the bikes and asked what were the arrangements to extinguish the fire in the charging station and godown.

E-bike and chartered cycle charging station and godown have been made in ISBT campus itself. The accident is said to have happened due to short circuit during charging.  


Fire engines left from Mata Mandir Fire Station at 2.37 am. The fire could be completely controlled in about three hours. The staff, including firemen Pradeep Sharma, Sumit Kushwaha and Rajpal, managed to control the fire with difficulty.


City buses were parked nearby

City buses were also parked nearby when the fire broke out at the godown station for e-bikes and cycles. Therefore the firemen focused on ensuring the fire did not engulf the buses. 


However, the intensity of the fire was so high that it was beyond control. The fire could be extinguished with difficulty. Due to the fire there was smoke all around.

E-bike service was launched 2 months back


E-bike was launched in Bhopal about two months ago. At that time CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan also rode on an e-bike. E-bikes are being parked at 6 stations built in Bhopal. A total of 75 bikes came in the first batch.

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