5 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2023: Can BJP Woo Dalit Voters Of Gwalior Chambal Through Ambedkar Mahakumbh, Ravidas Mandir?

Gwalior: Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh in October-November.  Gwalior Chambal region is politically important and both BJP and Congress along with BSP are eyeing this region. Political parties are going all out to woo voters of this region. 

Recently, on Ravidas Jayanti, big leaders of both BJP and Congress had camped in this area. Now two days after Ambedkar Jayanti, on April 16, BJP is going to organize Ambedkar Mahakumbh in Gwalior.

BJP could win only 7 out of 34 seats in the region

BJP is eyeing Dalit and Adivasi voters. In this sequence, BJP is making a big plan to woo the Dalit class. Two days after Ambedkar Jayanti, on April 16, Ambedkar Mahakumbh will be organized in Gwalior for Dalit society. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Jyotiraditya Scindia, BJP state president VD Sharma will also be present. 

BJP will connect Dalit class in building Ravidas temple

It is being said that Sant Ravidas temple is going to be constructed like Ram temple. BJP will connect Dalit class in building Ravidas's temple. A handful of rice along with a brick and a handful of soil from the village will be called for the temple.

What is the political significance of Ambedkar Mahakumbh

In fact, to know why BJP needed to organize Ambedkar Mahakubh, if we look at the results of the 2018 assembly elections, the picture becomes clear that the Dalit tribal class is getting disenchanted with the BJP. In the 2018 assembly elections, BJP had won only 7 out of 34 assembly seats in this region. However, when the government changed, the seats of the Dalit class also increased for the BJP after the by-elections.  .

In fact, the issue of Atrocity Act and reservation has also been a major reason for BJP's defeat in Gwalior Chambal. Once upon a time, CM Shivraj himself averred from the stage that no one can end reservation. How effective the CM's claim was to appease the reserved class is a different matter, but it angered the non-reserved class people. 

Then many districts of Gwalior zone were engulfed in the fire of violence on the issue of reservation. After the violence, the Dalit vote bank drifted away from the BJP. When the assembly elections were held, BJP could win only 7 out of 34 assembly seats in Gwalior Chambal. 

Dalit voters opposed BJP even in general seats

Not only this, Dalit voters opposed the BJP even in the general seats of the region. Now once again BJP's focus is on Dalit tribal seats. CM Shivraj can also make big announcements for this class from the stage of Ambedkar Mahakumbh to be held on 16th April.

Gwalior-Chambal zone is the stronghold of veterans

Gwalior Chambal region is called the stronghold of the stalwarts of politics. This area belongs to BJP's powerful leaders like Union Ministers Jyotiraditya Scindia, Narendra Singh Tomar and MP's Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra. 

At the same time, the name of Dr. Govind Singh can be taken among the big leaders of Congress from this area. At present, Govind Singh is the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly. If we look at the last few elections, the party which got more seats from Gwalior Chambal region formed the government.

34 Assembly and 4 Lok Sabha seats

Gwalior Chambal Division is a big area. This area has 34 Vidhan Sabha seats and four Lok Sabha seats. This area is considered to be Scindia's stronghold. Along with this, Bahujan Samaj Party also has a vote bank in this area. In the last elections, some BSP MLAs also reached the assembly. Many seats in this area are reserved for Scheduled Castes. This proves that there are people of this community here. In the elections, no party takes BSP lightly.

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