5 Apr 2023

What Kamna Pathak Essaying Rajesh In Happu Ki Ultann Paltan Do For A Healthy Body & Mind

World Health Day is observed annually on April 7 to promote better health and increase public knowledge of its significance. 

Kamna Pathak essaying Rajesh in Happu Ki Ultann Paltan says she makes sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. She also, carries a bottle containing fresh fruit or vegetable juice. In addition, she takes frequent meditation breaks in between tasks to keep myself relaxed. 

Kamna Pathak said the most important tip for a healthy body is to eat healthy food at appropriate time. 

Kamna said, “Regardless of my food cravings, I try to avoid eating junk food and incorporate leafy vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruits, and milk into my daily diet. So, I recommend everyone to eat healthy to stay healthy and make sure to have enough fluid in their body to lead a healthy lifestyle.” 

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