28 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections-2023: Why BJP Ticket Formula Has Led To Uneasiness Among Many Ticket Aspirants; What Is Strategy Of Modi And Shah


Bhopal: The BJP leadership is adopting a tough approach to remove anti-incumbency for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections-2023.

The BJP leadership is adopting a tough approach to remove anti-incumbency. According to sources, according to the ticket distribution criteria set by the party's top pair Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister Amit Shah, about 50 percent of the tickets will be given to those below 50 years of age. In particular, the party is planning to field completely new candidates on the seats it had lost. 


As information about the attitude of the high command and the ticket distribution formula is coming to the fore, uneasiness has increased among the BJP leaders of Madhya Pradesh.

Those BJP leaders who are above 60 years of age and have contested elections many times are more restless. According to sources, BJP strategists believe that the only way to get rid of anti-incumbency is to give more and more tickets to new and young candidates.

Tickets of at least 40% of MLAs can be cut

In order to remove the anti-incumbency, tickets of at least 40% of the sitting MLAs can be cut and completely new faces can be fielded. In this regard, the BJP organization is constantly warning the MLAs. If the MLAs ignore this warning, they may have to lose their ticket. The concern of the ticket claimants of Madhya Pradesh is that here also the party will give almost half of the tickets to leaders below 50 years of age.

About a dozen ministers may not get ticket

This means that about a dozen ministers of the state cabinet may not be fielded in the 2023 assembly elections. This is the reason why all the veteran and experienced leaders of the party are fidgety.

Resentment against 80 MLAs!

Top BJP leaders are constantly warning the MLAs to ensure there is no dissatisfaction among people of their area. They have been told to communicate regularly with party workers, give importance to district and divisional organization of BJP. The BJP organization has discussed with each MLA separately and informed them about the report card and the findings of the survey.

The internal survey of BJP and the feedback of the Sangh is that there is discontent against about 80 BJP MLAs out of 127 in the state. If these MLAs do not rectify their style of working, then BJP will have to face anti-incumbency in the 2023 assembly elections.

The strategists of BJP have made it clear that if the MLAs do not bring changes in their functioning and do not improve their working style, then their ticket may be cut. Sources say that the organization is working on the strategy of cutting tickets of 40 percent MLAs in Madhya Pradesh.

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