22 Apr 2023

Rahul Gandhi Vacates Official Bungalow, Said People Gave Me This House


New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi handed over the keys of his official bungalow on Tughlaq Road Lane to the Lok Sabha Secretariat on Saturday. Rahul himself locked the door of the bungalow, handed over the key to the Lok Sabha staff, shook hands and left for Sonia Gandhi's official residence at 10 Janpath, accompanied by mother and sister Priyanka. That's where he'll be now.

'People of India gave me this house'


Talking to the media after leaving the bungalow, Rahul Gandhi said that he got this bungalow in 2005 after being elected as the MP from Amethi in 2004. The people of India gave me this house for 19 years. I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to live in this bungalow.


'Paid the price for speaking the truth'

Rahul said he had paid the price for speaking the truth. "I am ready to pay any price," he said. "I will continue to raise issues of price rise and corruption with double the force."


Gandhi moved out all his belongings from the bungalow where he had been staying for almost two decades.

We will continue our struggle: Priyanka


At the same time, Priyanka Gandhi said that whatever my brother said is absolutely true. He told the reality of the government, that's why all this is happening with him. But he is very courageous, he is not afraid. We will not be cowed down and will continue our struggle.

Sources say that Rahul is looking for a new place for his office. Currently, he is staying with his mother Sonia Gandhi at her house. Rahul had vacated most of the belongings from the bungalow on Friday. A few years ago, Priyanka Gandhi too had to vacate her bungalow in Lodhi Estate after the SPG security cover was withdrawn.


The Congress said the government may "evict" Gandhi from a house but he occupies a place in the hearts and homes of crores of Indians.

The party also launched a "MeraGharAapkaGhar" campaign on social media with party leaders offering their homes to Gandhi.

The Congress said on its official Twitter handle in Hindi that "this country is the home of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul who resides in the hearts of people."

"Rahul's relation with the public is unbreakable. Some see in him their son, some brother, some their leader.... Rahul belongs to everyone and everyone belongs to Rahul. This is the reason why today the country is saying- Rahul ji, my house-your house," the Congress said, using the hashtag "#MeraGharAapkaGhar".

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