12 Apr 2023

Rajasthan: Will Kamal Nath Settle Dispute Between Pilot And Gehlot? Two Leaders Likely To Meet In Delhi

Jaipur: The heat of the Rajasthan assembly elections is being felt. Meanwhile, the political tussle between Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and former deputy CM Sachin Pilot is increasing. Sachin Pilot is going to Delhi after observing a daylong fast against his own government. It is not yet decided whether he will meet the party high command or former president Sonia Gandhi there. 

Meanwhile, former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath is also on a two-day tour of Delhi. It is believed that Sonia Gandhi has called Kamal Nath to Delhi regarding the political crisis in Rajasthan. There is a possibility of a meeting between Sachin Pilot and Kamal Nath in Delhi.

Even before this, when the conflict between Gehlot and Pilot escalated, Sonia Gandhi had entrusted Kamal Nath with the task of bringing about a reconciliation between the two. At that time, Kamal Nath, showing his political skills, somehow stopped the controversy from escalating. 

Now once again Kamal Nath has been called to Delhi. This time again the party has entrusted a big responsibility to the former MP CM Kamal Nath. 

Kamal Nath has good relations with both Gehlot and Pilot

Kamal Nath has good relations with both Pilot and Gehlot. Not only this, Sachin Pilot campaigned against Jyotiraditya Scindia on Kamal Nath's appeal during the 2020 assembly by-election in MP. While Scindia and Pilot have a deep friendship. Even after this, he was seen campaigning against Scindia supporters and in favor of Congress candidates in Gwalior Chambal region.

Kamal Nath is considered a confidant of Gandhi family

In fact, Kamal Nath is among the close and trusted people of the Gandhi family. Earlier, the responsibility of resolving political disputes in Rajasthan used to be with Ahmed Patel, but after his death, the party high command has entrusted this responsibility to Kamal Nath. 

The dispute between Sachin Pilot and Gehlot has reached its peak. Some big leaders of the party are seen standing with the Pilot group. In such a situation, the challenge of the Congress high command is increasing. Amidst these challenges, Kamal Nath will again be seen trying to bring about a reconciliation between Gehlot and Pilot. He is going to meet Sachin Pilot in Delhi regarding this.

Pilot observed daylong fast against Gehlot government

Pilot observed a one-day fast on Tuesday at the Martyr's Memorial in Jaipur against the Gehlot government. He demandied an inquiry into the scams that took place during the rule of the then CM Vasundhara Raje of Rajasthan and in which action was not taken.

An old tussle between Gehlot and Pilot

The spat between Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot is not new. There have been many reports of a dispute between the two. It is said that after the success of the Congress in the 2018 assembly elections, Pilot wanted to become the Chief Minister but Gehlot did not give him a chance. Since then factionalism in Rajasthan Congress is only deepening.

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