3 Apr 2023

Rajasthan: BJP Made Rajendra Rathore Leader Of Opposition Who Once Contested Elections From Janata Dal

JAIPUR: In the midst of preparations for the assembly elections in Rajasthan, the BJP has made Rajendra Rathore the leader of the opposition in the assembly. Former party state president Dr. Satish Poonia has been appointed as Deputy Leader of Opposition. 


The names were decided in the meeting of BJP office bearers in Pink City Jaipur. At the same time, in the meeting of the Legislature Party, the final stamp was put on the name of Rajendra Rathore. Vasundhara Raje also attended the meeting. Party workers celebrated as soon as Rajendra Rathore became the leader of the opposition. Rajendra Rathore's name kept trending on social media as well.


Has a strong grip on Rajput voters

Rajendra Rathore has been a prominent face of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Rajasthan, for past 3 decades. He has emerged from numerous crises and has a strong grip on Rajput voters in the state; he enjoys huge popularity in Churu, Rajasthan. Rathore is also a big face of Jat Rajput politics of Churu, who have voted for him in huge numbers in Churu.


Contested first election in 1985

Rajendra Rathore's political career has been extraordinary. He is counted among the veteran leaders of Rajasthan BJP. He started in active politics from Taranagar assembly seat. But he contested the first election from Churu in 1985, then he was defeated. 


Fought the second election in 1990 with the Janata Dal and won. His winning streak continues from here. In the 1990 elections, Rathore defeated Congress candidate Hamida Begum by about 24,000 votes.

Disillusionment with Janata Dal after winning the election

After winning the elections in 1990, Rajendra Rathore became disenchanted with the Janata Dal. He joined the BJP. After this, in the 1993 assembly elections, Rathore was made a candidate on a BJP ticket. 


He won the assembly elections in the year 1998, 2003 and 2008 from Taranagar assembly seat. But in 2008, Rathore did not get the ticket in the Roopkunwar sati case.

Also went to jail in Daria encounter

Rajendra Rathod's name also figured in the Daria encounter in October 2006 and he had to go to jail. However, his political journey continued. There was no heat on Rathore. 


In the year 2013, 2018 elections, leaving the Taranagar seat, he contested the assembly elections from Churu and reached the assembly. Rajendra Rathore held many positions after joining BJP. He was the Medical Minister of Rajasthan in the BJP's Vasundhara Raje government. He was also given the responsibility of Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.

BJP's social engineering is now visible

Brahmins, Vaishyas and Kshatriyas are the core voters of BJP. Who largely vote for BJP. This is the reason why BJP's social engineering is now visible in this direction just before the elections. On the one hand, by making CP Joshi the state president, BJP has tried to appease Brahmins. On the other hand, by making Rajendra Rathore the Leader of the Opposition just before the elections, an attempt has been made to win over the Rajputs as well. 

By giving important posts to Om Birla and Gulabchand Kataria, the BJP has already appeased Vaishyas. While Om Birla is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Gulabchand Kataria has recently been appointed as the Governor of Assam.

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