13 Apr 2023

Rajasthan Political Crisis: Sachin Pilot In Delhi; All Eyes On Next Move Of Congress Central Leadership And Former Deputy CM


Jaipur: As the political crisis in Rajasthan has deepened, Sachin Pilot has reached Delhi after observing a daylong fast on the issue of not taking action on corruption during the time of BJP government and all eyes are on the next move of former Deputy CM and party's central leadership. Meanwhile, party's in-charge Randhawa said that he would not allow Rajasthan to become another Punjab.

Sources said that former Deputy CM Pilot may have a secret meeting with some leaders in Delhi. However, the picture is not completely clear even regarding the next political stand of Pilot.

Priyanka Vadra likely to intervene 


According to Congress sources, Priyanka Vadra is expected to intervene again in the Sachin Pilot episode. Pilot is said to be in touch with Priyanka Vadra. Priyanka had a big role even during the political crisis that arose after the rebellion last time and she had managed to convince Pilot.

This time too there are talks of Priyanka trying to intervene. The manner in which Sachin Pilot changed his attitude in the evening has further strengthened these speculations.

When Sachin Pilot had announced the fast by holding a press conference on Sunday, the leaders associated with the Congress high command took the side of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his government by issuing a statement. No big leader had given a statement in favor of Sachin Pilot.

State in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa had issued a statement late on Monday night terming Pilot's fast as an anti-party activity and suggested him to resolve the issue through talks. After Randhawa's statement, it was being speculated that a notice could be issued to Pilot after the fast, but the Congress changed its strategy.

Just before the elections, raising questions on its own government and factionalism have raised concerns from Congress workers to Delhi.


The way Sachin Pilot talked about continuing the struggle against corruption after the fast, it is being clearly inferred that he will surround the CM Ashok Gehlot camp in the future as well. There is no reaction from the Congress high command after Pilot's fast.


Randhawa submits report to Kharge

At the same time, state in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa has submitted a report to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge regarding Sachin's fast. In response to questions about Pilot in Delhi, Randhawa said that he will not allow Rajasthan to become Punjab. I am constantly in touch with the leaders of Rajasthan, he said.

Randhawa said why didn't Pilot raise this issue in the assembly? He said he had a conversation with Kharge, a meeting will be held again on Thursday at Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge's house and a decision will be taken after discussing the developments in Jaipur.

Randhawa said –Action will be taken. We will decide about action after examining the statements and speeches of Pilot. 


This statement of Randhawa is being seen as an indication of action on Pilot, although Randhawa did not talk about action by taking the name of Pilot.


Cong will be harmed

Rajveer Meena, secretary of the Dholpur District Congress Committee, says, "Congress will be harmed by this factionalism. The Congress is neither Gehlot's nor Pilot's."

He said, "The public also knows that the Gehlot government has done good work. But, every person wants me to be in power. If this is not resolved then we will suffer in the upcoming 2023 assembly elections."

Meena further said, "The root of the weakness of the Congress is the organization. After forming the government in the year 2018, the people in power have dominated the organization. The Congress is getting weaker because of the weakness of the organization."

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