21 Apr 2023

Rajasthan Ramprasad Suicide Case: Sachin Pilot Lashed Out At CM Gehlot, Minister Mahesh Joshi; Loss of Adivasi Votes, Says Murari Lal Meena

JAIPUR: The case of Ram Prasad Meena suicide case of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, does not seem to be cooling down. On last April 17, Ram Prasad committed suicide due to a property dispute. Earlier, he made a video and posted it on social media. In which some people along with minister Mahesh Joshi were blamed for abetting suicide and held responsible for his death. In this matter, BJP MP Kirori Lal Meena has put the Ashok Gehlot government in the dock by staging a sit-in. 

At the same time, former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot also came to meet the family members of the deceased Ramprasad Meena and after this the politics has heated up.

'No matter how big a person the culprit is, action should be taken'

While consoling the family members, Sachin Pilot said that he is standing shoulder to shoulder with them. During the discussion with the media, Pilot said that the poor family should get justice. People have informed him about the injustice done to the deceased. After listening to these things, it seems that injustice has been done to the youth and his family.

Without naming Minister Mahesh Joshi, Sachin Pilot said that action should be taken against those people who have been mentioned in the video and elsewhere for inciting youth to commit suicide. He said that no matter how big a person the culprit is, action should be taken against him. There should not be any kind of pressure on the police.


Minister Joshi's resignation depends on CM

On the question of the resignation of Minister Mahesh Joshi, Pilot said that whether a person has to resign or not, it depends on that person and the Chief Minister. Every person has a different scale of morality. He wants the family to get justice.

Recently, on the issue of Veeranganas, Sachin Pilot had raised his voice against the government of his own party. He strongly criticized the unfair treatment meted out to the Veeranganas and said that action should be taken against the police. He also supported the demands of the Veeranganas.

Loss of Adivasi-Meena votes: Minister

Questions are now being raised within the Congress itself on this issue. Minister Murari Lal Meena has openly said that Ramprasad's suicide will cost Congress ST votes and one incident spoils all the good works and plans. People are telling us that a ST person was killed like this, what are you doing sitting in the government?

On the resignation of Mahesh Joshi, Murarilal Meena said that it depends on his own conscience. Caste equations dominate a lot in politics, no one can deny them. There is a huge population of ST community in Eastern Rajasthan.

Murari Lal said there is pressure on us that what are you doing while sitting in the government. As far as I understand, a man does not lie at the time of his death. The videos and audios of Ramprasad should be investigated. No matter how big a person is involved in this, action should be taken against him.

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