5 Apr 2023

Prediction Made About This Leader Came True After 24 Years, Know More About Him

Today we will tell the story of such a leader whose political life is unique in itself. A prediction made about this leader came true after 24 years and this leader became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

He is former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, senior BJP leader and current Defence Minister. The stories of Rajnath Singh's political life are so extraordinary that you too will be left wondering. 


It must have been about the year 1976. Born in Chandauli, Rajnath Singh went to jail in 1976 at the age of 26. While in Mirzapur Jail, he showed his hand to an elderly leader of the Janata Party. This leader was Ramprakash Gupta who had held many important positions in Uttar Pradesh.

Rajnath Singh came to know that Ramprakash Gupta was a very good horoscope and palm reader and had an expertise in reading palm lines. Young Rajnath spread his palm in front of him. 


Ramprakash Gupta looked closely at the lines and then it was his turn to tell what the life had in store for Rajnath. Gupta announced that one day Rajnath would become the head of the state. However, at that time it was no less than a dream for Rajnath and his colleagues to think of something like this. Time passed. Rajnath kept climbing the ranks of politics and the politics of the state continued at its own pace.

How did Rajnath Singh become the Chief Minister?

In Uttar Pradesh, the BJP formed the government with Mayawati, with the condition of changing the chief minister every six months. But Mayawati single-handedly won the majority by breaking the MLAs of Kalyan Singh. Meanwhile, there was a rift between the BJP top leadership and Kalyan Singh, and Kalyan Singh was removed and Ramprakash Gupta was made the Chief Minister.


But soon Ramprakash Gupta was removed and you will also be surprised to hear the name of the face to whom power went. This was the name for which Ramprakash Gupta had predicted 24 years ago that he would one day become the CM of the state. Yes, at that time Rajnath Singh was made the Chief Minister. 


Ramprakash Gupta's prediction proved correct. The youth in Mirzapur Jail became the CM, that too by replacing Gupta who had made the prediction about Rajnath.


While being the education minister of Uttar Pradesh, Rajnath Singh had made such strict laws regarding cheating that students who cheated were given bail only from the court. Rajnath lost the election while being the education minister. And then after that when he became the CM of the same state, the Congress MLA vacated the seat for him. Both Congress and BJP were surprised at this style of Rajnath Singh.

Became National President of BJP twice

Rajnath Singh was also the President of BJP twice. Once he replaced LK Advani and became the president of the party. Actually, this was the year when Advani began to understand that Atal Bihari Vajpayee could no longer handle the command due to his health reasons.

At that time, Advani went to the tomb of Jinnah and called him secular, due to which he had to leave the post of party president and Rajnath Singh became the new president of the party. Nitin Gadkari was to be repeated as the President, but due to some reasons, Nitin Gadkari could not become the President again. At that time, the Sangh again supported the name of Rajnath Singh.


After this, the party won with a huge majority in 2014 by handing over the command of the campaign to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rajnath Singh became the home minister for the first time in the Narendra Modi government and the next time he was made the defence minister. Rajnath Singh is the Defence Minister of the country today.


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