23 Apr 2023

Who Will Gain Political Mileage In Bihar By Supporting Atiq Ahmad, Slogans Raised In Support Of Atiq, Ashraf

PATNA: Efforts are being made to project Atiq Ahmad as a hero in Bihar, slogans are being raised in his support. Who is trying to take political advantage by raising slogans of Atiq Amar Rahe before the elections.

Slogans raised in support of Atiq Ashraf

Recently, slogans were raised in Patna in support of gangster-turned-politician mafia Atiq Ahmed. It created a stir in Bihar, UP and Delhi. The police started taking swift action against the protesters. 

Raids were conducted at various places and efforts were made to nab the sloganeers. But none of the accused was caught by the Patna Police. It so happened that the prayer of last Friday of Ramzan was offered at Jama Masjid near Patna Junction. Only then a section of Namazis came out on the road and started raising slogans of Atiq Ashraf Amar Rahe. Describing Atiq, Ashraf and Asad Ahmed as martyrs, the protesters said that they were murdered as part of a conspiracy.

Allegations of conspiracy against Center and the UP govt

Rais Ghaznavi, who participated in the protest, accused the central and Uttar Pradesh government of getting the murders done under a conspiracy, saying that the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh and the Central government were involved in the murder of Atiq, Asad and Ashraf. 

He has accused the government, the UP police and the media of being involved in the murder conspiracy. When asked whether Atiq was a criminal or not, Ghaznavi clearly said that there are laws and courts to punish criminals. The way all three were killed is objectionable. Rais said that when the remand was given to the UP Police, full security was to be provided. He said we have prayed for the martyrs Atiq Ahmad, Ashraf and Asad Ahmad that Allah may accept their martyrdom. 

BJP demanded hanging

The Bharatiya Janata Party has expressed strong objection to the above incident. Expressing displeasure, senior BJP leader Haribhushan Thakur said that strict action should be taken against those involved in such incidents. Either they should be hanged or they should be killed in an encounter. Even when the whole truth has come to the fore, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is sitting silent. 

In this matter, BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand says that RJD, JDU, Congress and Left parties together are giving protection to criminals in Bihar. Another BJP spokesperson Arvind Kumar Singh demanded strict action against the accused and said that criminals and terrorists should not be glorified like this. 

JDU said the murders were wrong

JDU spokesperson has termed the murder of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf as wrong. Spokesperson Abhishek Jha says that the punishment should have been given according to the law. He also said that we are not supporting Atiq, but I must say that no criminal has any caste or religion. The killing of Atiq in police custody was completely wrong.

Who is the accused Rais Ghaznavi

By the way, it is said that the accused Rais runs up a leather bag shop near Ghaznavi Masjid, but he tricked the media persons by saying that he only roams on the road. Now the Kotwali police is looking for the absconding Rais and is questioning all the people.

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