28 Apr 2023

World Dance Day: Bhopal-based Swati Sanjay Pillai Passionate About Preserving Rich Cultural Heritage Of Kathak

Bhopal: As the world celebrates World Dance Day on April 29th, Bhopal-based Swati Sanjay Pillai joins in to recognize the incredible art form that has been a part of human expression for centuries.

Dance is a form of therapy


Swati Sanjay Pillai is a Bhopal based classical Kathak dancer who has dedicated her life to the art form. She believes that dance is a form of therapy that can heal and transform people's lives. It brings joy, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment that cannot be found elsewhere. Swati Sanjay Pillai encourages everyone to take part in Kathak dance and experience the benefits it has to offer.

On this World Dance Day, Swati Sanjay Pillai encourages people to celebrate dance in their own unique ways. Whether it is taking a dance class, attending a performance, or simply moving to their favorite music, she hopes that everyone will embrace the spirit of dance and appreciate its beauty and power.

History of Kathak can be traced back to temple period


Swati says the history of Kathak can be traced back to the temple period in India when it was performed as a form of worship. The dancers would tell stories from Hindu mythology through their dance, using intricate footwork, hand gestures, and facial expressions to convey emotions and themes.

Swati also incorporates modern influences into her dance 


Swati Sanjay Pillai's work at Navdha Kathakalaya is a testament to the evolution of Kathak through the eras. She has been able to incorporate traditional elements of Kathak while also innovating and incorporating modern influences into her performances. Her work has inspired countless young girls to learn and appreciate the beauty of Kathak and has helped to ensure that this ancient dance form continues to thrive for generations to come.

Dance continues to inspire creativity and innovation: Swati


Swati believes dance is a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and beliefs. It has the power to unite people and evoke emotions, telling stories through movement that words simply cannot convey. From classical ballet to modern hip-hop, dance has evolved over time and continues to inspire creativity and innovation in performers and audiences alike.

Swati Sanjay Pillai is a renowned kathak dancer and choreographer, with over 25 years of experience in the field. She has performed in numerous states across India and has received critical acclaim for her work. Swati Sanjay Pillai is passionate about spreading the joy of dance and has trained many aspiring dancers through her dance academy.

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