27 May 2023

Asiana Airline Plane Was In Sky, Had Still Not Landed At South Korea's Daegu Airport, But Man Opened Door To Get Down, Then This Happened

Daegu (S Korea): A man has been arrested for opening the door of an Asiana Airline plane. The plane was still in thre sky and was about to land at South Korea's Daegu Airport. 

But the man opened the door even before the plane could land. He told during interrogation that he was upset due to the loss of his job and was feeling suffocated in the plane.

Passengers faced problems like shortness of breath

The plane was successful in landing safely at Daegu International Airport in South Korea on Friday. All 194 passengers are safe. However, some passengers also faced problems like shortness of breath and were taken to the hospital.

The incident took place when the aircraft was about to land and the person had opened the door, after which the aircraft had to land at the airport in that condition.

South Korea media reported that the man is 30 years old and during interrogation he told that he was feeling suffocated and wanted to get out as soon as possible.

Man tried to jump out of plane

Some people aboard the plane also told the local media that the person himself tried to jump out of the plane. Many children were also aboard this plane. A woman told the news agency that they were scared and trembling badly. Some of them were also crying.

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