27 May 2023

How Much Headway In Opposition Unity? Shocking Statements Of Leaders Come To Fore

New Delhi: The country is going to have Lok Sabha elections next year. All the opposition parties are making claims of unity to defeat the BJP. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is also repeatedly saying that he will unite everyone and teach a lesson to the BJP. After all such claims, looking at the statements of many opposition leaders, it can be said that there is a rift in the opposition unity. Let us know what is the matter.

KCR’s shocking statement

KCR is the Chief Minister of Telangana. What he has said recently is shocking to everyone. Taking a jibe at the Congress, KCR said that the Congress has won in Karnataka. But this does not mean at all that everything will change in Karnataka. It will remain as it was. That is no change is going to happen here. This is what we have been seeing for the last 75 years, he said.


KCR and Congress will be face to face in Telangana

In Telangana, it is believed there will be a direct contest between Congress and KCR in the assembly elections to be held this year. In the last 2018 assembly elections, Congress was the second largest party. Then KCR got 88 seats with 47.4 percent votes. Congress secured 19 seats with 28.7% votes. In such a situation, Congress also sees KCR as the main opposition. Not only this, KCR has recently announced the expansion of his party in Maharashtra. If KCR is successful in his endeavour, the Congress may have to suffer losses in the western state.

Congress is confident after Karnataka victory

One of the goals of the opposition parties getting united is to defeat the BJP. KCR has said this in many of his recent political tours. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar had also been talking about uniting to defeat the BJP. After Rahul Gandhi was disqualified as MP, the Congress has gathered more rapidly in this campaign related to opposition unity. Moreover, after the victory in Karnataka, the Congress has started feeling that defeating the BJP is not a big deal.

Who will be the leader of the opposition

Amidst all the efforts being made to unite the opposition, the biggest question is who will be its head. There are many claims about opposition unity and formation of a third front, but no clear answer has been given to who will be their leader.

Congress's tussle with Kejriwal increased

The Aam Aadmi Party's tussle with the Congress in Delhi and Punjab is not hidden from anyone. Political competition continues between both the parties. The issue of liquor scam was raised by the Congress itself. And in Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party has ousted the Congress from power.

Kejriwal was called by the CBI for questioning. At that time Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge called him. But not inviting CM Kejriwal to the swearing-in ceremony organized in Karnataka amid such ongoing political tussle with the Congress raises question on relations between the two parties. 

Congress had not even invited Delhi CM Kejriwal to Siddaramaiah's 'coronation'. There has also been a reaction from the Aam Aadmi Party regarding this. Regarding this, Saurabh Bhardwaj said, what is the big deal in this, some invite and some do not.

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