18 May 2023

Bus Drivers In Delhi Do Not Stop On Seeing Women Passengers Waiting For Bus At Bus Stands, Can You Guess Why

New Delhi: Women bus passengers are being treated strangely in Delhi. Many bus drivers do not stop on seeing them waiting for the bus at the bus stands. The bus stops a little far from the stand and the driver slows it down a bit so that the passengers may get down. As soon as they get down, the driver increases the speed of the bus. Many times women run behind the bus. But the bus picks up speed quickly and the women are unable to catch it.

CM Kejriwal himself released the video

A video showing a similar situation has been released by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Expressing displeasure on the bus operators, he has even said that strict action will be taken against such bus operators. Sharing a video, Kejriwal wrote, 'There are complaints that some drivers don't stop the bus on seeing women. This will not be tolerated at all. Strict action is being taken against such bus drivers.’

Video tells the whole story

In the video released by the Chief Minister of Delhi, it is clearly visible that three women are standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus there. Meanwhile, a red colored bus reaches there. These three women indicate the bus to stop and then run towards the bus. But during this time the front door of the bus opens and a person gets down from the bus and then this bus leaves without taking the women along. The women standing there are also stunned by this attitude of the bus driver.

Why bus operators do not allow women to sit

In fact, four years ago Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party government had announced free bus service for women in Delhi. Last year, the then Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia had informed that in the year 2021-22, more than three crore women had traveled free of cost in public transport buses. 

Women in Delhi travel free of cost in buses. Whether it is cluster or electric or DTC, women do not have to take tickets to travel in them. Due to which they get a lot of relief. Not only this, Delhi government buses also ply on NCR routes and travel is free for women on these routes as well.

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