1 May 2023

Commercial Gas Cylinder Price Slashed By Rs 171.50

Mumbai: Commercial gas cylinder has become cheaper by Rs 171.50 From May 1. Commercial gas cylinder in Delhi is available for Rs 1856.50 instead of Rs 2028. 

In Kolkata the price has come down from Rs 2132 to Rs 1960.50. In Mumbai it is available for Rs 1808.50 instead of Rs 1980. Cylinder is available in Chennai for Rs. 2021.50.

Last month ie. on April 1, the price of commercial gas cylinder was cut by Rs 92 by oil marketing compa

nies. However, earlier on March 1, the price of 19 kg commercial cylinder was increased by Rs 350.50.

In January, the prices of commercial cylinders were hiked by Rs 25 per unit. In September 2022, the prices of the commercial cylinders were reduced by Rs 91.50 by these companies, while in August, 2022, the commercial LPG cylinder prices were cut by Rs 36. 

At the same time, the price of domestic gas cylinder (14.2 kg) remains at Rs 1103. The last change in the price of domestic gas cylinders was seen in the month of March. Then the petroleum companies had increased the price of domestic LPG by 50 rupees.

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