7 May 2023

Devotees Queue Up To Perform Jalabhishek Of Lord Shiva At Temple In UP’s Bhadohi Where Once Terrible Natural Calamities Had Occurred According To Legends

There is such a divine temple of Mahadev situated in Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh, about which it is said that Mughal invader Aurangzeb also had to run away from here to save his life.

About 15 kilometers away from the district headquarters, the historic Shiva temple still remains a witness to the bigotry and terror of the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. The army of the Mughal ruler tried to destroy the Shivling installed inside while destroying the temple.

Terrible natural calamities occurred

According to the legends, during the attack on the Shiva temple, terrible natural calamities like storms and earthquakes occurred. Frightened by the sudden divine disaster, Aurangzeb's army was somehow forced to run away after saving their lives. The marks of havoc of the Mughal invader are clearly visible even today on the linga of Lord Shiva.

Idols of Lord Kartikeya and Nandi were consecrated

It is believed that this historical temple of Lord Shiva has been fighting for its existence for centuries, facing all kinds of natural calamities and storms. Due to the inspiration of Lord Shiva, people's faith in the damaged temple and fragmented Shivling was awakened. As a result of this the idols of Lord Kartikeya and Nandi were consecrated in the temple along with the establishment of a brass studded Shivling with the help of Shiva devotees.

Special masons of Rajasthan giving a supernatural form to temple 

Under the leadership of Shiv devotee Engineer Janardan Singh and Government Advocate Hukum Singh, with the cooperation of the local people, a magnificent temple is being built and given a supernatural form by the special masons of Rajasthan. The Shivling installed in the historical temple remains the focal point of the faith of the regional people, where every Monday of the week a large number of devotees gather and perform Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva and fulfill their desired wishes.

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