31 May 2023

How Cycling Has Transformed Into Something More Profound For Doosri Maa Actor RJ Mohit

It is well-known that regular physical activity, like cycling, protects against several serious illnesses. Anyone can easily incorporate this fun, low-impact cycling exercise into a daily routine. 


On World Bicycle Day 2023 on 3 June, RJ Mohit, essaying Manoj in &TV’s show Doosri Maa, shares, “I am passionate about bicycling and pedalling, and I am a professional cyclist actively engaged in cycling marathons and races. 

Every morning, I kickstart my day by hopping on my bicycle

Mohit says cycling plays a significant role in his fitness regimen. Every morning, I kickstart my day by hopping on my bicycle, and I often rely on it for transportation whenever the need arises.

He says, “Initially, I embraced cycling as a means to maintain my physical fitness. However, over time, it has transformed into something more profound for me—a form of therapy. When I'm cycling, my stress and anxiety melt away, replaced by a sense of happiness and contentment.” 

I can traverse more than 50 kilometres effortlessly

R J Mohit says further, “Immersing myself in cycling helps me cultivate focus and heightens my awareness of the present moment, whether concentrating on the road ahead or maintaining a steady cadence. Notably, I can traverse more than 50 kilometres effortlessly, and my ongoing goal is to continually push my boundaries and increase my endurance.”

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