31 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Indian Bison Will Soon Add To Beauty Of Sanjay Tiger Reserve in Sidhi Dist

Indian Bisons or Gaurs will be an added attraction of  Sanjay Tiger Reserve in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. It is proposed to reintroduce majestic bisons in the park.

Sanjay Tiger Reserve is a wildlife paradise located in Sidhi district. The National park was established in 1975. The world famous white tiger Mohan was found and rescued from the forest of this landscape by Maharaja of Rewa in 1951. In remembrance, one of the park range has been named after white tiger Mohan.

Now these beautiful Sal forests are not only home for tigers and hundreds of other species of wild animals but they also form a wildlife corridor, connecting Bandhavgarh and Palamau Tiger Reserve. Occasionally the wild elephants from neighboring Chhatisgarh area venture into the forests of tiger reserve for temporary shelter.

The park has tigers, leopards, sloth bears, 152 species of birds, 32 species of mammals,11 species of reptiles,3 species of amphibians & 34 species of fresh water fishes.

Bison is main attraction of forests of Central India 

But this enchanting tiger reserve lost a majestic animal Bison. Bison is the main attraction of the forests of Central India but it is not found in Sanjay Reserve as it became extinct from here about 25 years back.

But bisons wil soon enchant tourists at this park. Indian Bisons will be reintroduced into Sanjay Tiger Reserve. About 50 Gaurs will be sent from Satpura Tiger Reserve and Kanha National Park to Sanjat Tiger Reserve within about a month.

Work on the project has already started about 15 bisons from Satpura and 35 from Kanha will be sent.

It is proposed to keep three female bisons with one male

It is proposed to keep three female bisons with one male bison in order to extend the family of the species which disappeared from the reserve 25 years ago. 

Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife) Alok Kumar said the Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has also found the Sanjay Tiger Reserve suitable for the rehabilitation of the gaur, also called the Indian bison. The park's forests, flat plains, large meadows, and drinking water are also suitable the animals.

Bisons were once found in this reserve

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has already granted technical permission for the translocation of bison to this reserve, he said. According to forest officials, historical evidence suggested that bisons were found in the Sanjay Tiger Reserve's forest areas.

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