23 May 2023

How Shubhangi Atre Of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Feels When People Ask Shopkeepers To Show Them Saris In Angoori-Style

Saris hold a remarkable position as elegant and fashionable attire for various occasions. When it comes to fashion, people often admire their beloved characters and strive to emulate their style.

Angoori is seen draped in a mesmerizing variety of Saris


Shubhangi Atre, aka Angoori Bhabi from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, shares, “When it comes to Sari styles, both Angoori and Shubhangi are the ultimate masters (laughs). Angoori’s character on the show is an absolute fashion icon, draped in a mesmerizing variety of Saris and fearlessly experimenting with every style imaginable. Her dressing is a realm where boundaries don't exist; there's no style she hasn't conquered.  


Angoori's two-piece combo of a lehenga and choli Sari is exquisite


Shubhangi says Angoori loves to adorn herself and fearlessly dives into every fashion trend. Her exquisite two-piece combo of a lehenga and choli Sari is one simple look to die for, beautifully paired with a dupatta. Angoori’s styling often blends a desi touch with a hint of the videshi, creating a fusion that's uniquely her own.

Angoori’s impeccable individualism and elegance in showcasing her style statement always grab attention whenever she graces the screen.


Wearing a Sari ignites our feminine side


Shubhangi says, “Coming from Indore, I'm filled with immense joy when my friends and relatives share stories of their shopping adventures, asking shopkeepers to show them Saris in Angoori-style whenever I visit my hometown. It's a testament to the impact Angoori's fashion choices have made on the hearts and minds of people. For Angoori and me, wearing a Sari ignites our feminine side, adding an undeniable touch of glamour that never grows repetitive. It's an unbeatable combination that stands out and leaves an indelible impression.”

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