6 May 2023

Karnataka Election 2023: Congress Will Not Give Up Its Old Habits Of Appeasement, Abusing OBC And Lingayat Community: PM Modi At Election Rally


Badami: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said  the entire Karnataka is angry with Congress, which has decided not to give up its old habits of making appeasement, lockout and abuses election issues.

"Appeasement of vote bank, lockout on poor welfare policies of BJP, abusing OBC and Lingayat community ... Entire Karnataka is angry with this diplomacy of Congress," Modi said while addressing a public rally in Badami, Karnataka today on Saturday.

Entire people of Karnataka are fighting this election for BJP

Enthused by the tremendous response people of Bengaluru city accorded to his roadshow today, Modi said the entire people of Karnataka are fighting this election for BJP and they will see the double-engine government coming back to power.

"What I saw in Bengaluru today ... I say with confidence that not our leaders and candidates are fighting the election, but the people of Karnataka are fighting this election for the BJP," he said.

"Giving so much love ... Giving so much affection .. This is the specialty of the people of Karnataka. This enthusiasm of Karnataka is telling that once again the double-engine government is coming back to power," he added.

India is coming out of mentality of slavery

Targeting the Congress for questioning India's democracy, Modi said even today the grand old party does not dare to call India the Mother of Democracy in the country and the world, but only attacks it.

"This is the mentality of slavery from which India is coming out today. The BJP government is dedicated to its culture and its heritage," he stated.

Congress has a track record of 85 percent commission

Modi said the Congress has a track record of 85 per cent commission and it can never serve the interest of the public.

"The party which has a track record of 85 per cent commission, can never serve the interest of the public. Former Congress Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had publicly accepted that the Congress government - if 100 paise is sent from Delhi, then only 15 paise reaches the people.

"You can imagine that the Prime Minister of Congress spoke from the office of the Prime Minister, that 85 per cent someone loots in the middle.

"Because of these misdeeds of the Congress, our country remained backward for so many decades. The diseases which were strengthened by the Congress during its years of rule, now BJP is giving permanent treatment to those same diseases," he said.

Before 2014 cost of data was around Rs 300 per GB

Modi said before 2014, the cost of data was around Rs 300 per GB, but today it has come down to around Rs 10 per GB. "BJP has ensured a robust connectivity and great infrastructure in the country," he said.

Only Double-Engine Govt can truly make Karnataka No.1

Modi said a government, which keeps on committing corrupt activities, and fighting with the Centre can ensure no development and prosperity. "So, choose only BJP, as it's only the Double-Engine Government which can truly make Karnataka, the No.1 state in the country," he said.

Modi said BJP is dedicated towards preservation of the culture and heritage, and it has been working for building and strengthening various tourist circuits in the country, which is giving rise to a generation of immense employment opportunities.

Modi appealed to the people of Badami to ask Siddaramaiah why there wasn't their development and transformation in their lives before.

"Although Siddaramaiah has understood that it is futile for him to try your area, but if you ever come across him then ask him that why were people here deprived of the fundamental facilities before? Why wasn't there any development and transformation in their lives?" he asked.

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