6 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh: How Congress Will Benefit From Kailash Joshi’s Social & Political Legacy With Deepak Joshi’s Entry?

BHOPAL: Deepak Joshi, son of former Chief Minister Kailash Joshi, today joined the Congress in the presence of Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath at the state Congress office here. Former MLA of Datia district Radhelal Baghel also joined Congress on this occasion.

The Congress and former CM Kamal Nath look farward to benefitting from Deepak Joshi's entry as Joshi is expected to expose the corruption by BJP leaders. This could be a cause of worry for BJP as Deepak's father Kailash Joshi is a revered figure of Indian politics and Deepak also enjoys a clean image

Joshi is not supporting Cong, he is supporting truth: Nath

Kamal Nath gave indications about Deepak's role in Congress at the time of his joining the party. Nath said that Deepak Joshi has come to the Congress with the legacy of Kailash Joshi, who is called a saint in politics. 

In fact Joshi is not supporting the Congress, he is supporting the truth. Nath expected Joshi to apprise the entire state about the deeds of the BJP leaders and their government. He said that he had talked to Joshi about joining the party three days ago and he has not put any conditions.

Kamal Nath is also lilely capitalize on Kailash Joshi's social and political reputaion. He recalled the works of Kailash Joshi and said that he was the guardian of social values. Deepak Joshi is moving forward with the same values. He said that Joshi is supporting the truth. There are other people who are supporting the truth. In this sequence, he told that former MLA of Datia district Radhelal Baghel has also joined Congress today itself.

On this occasion, Kamal Nath indirectly referred to the political developments of March 2020 and said that even at that time, if he wanted, he could have saved the government by doing deal politics, but he did not do so. He did not want this state to be identified with the politics of deals.

Nath welcomed Deepak by garlanding Kailash Joshi's photo

Former state minister and ex-MLA Deepak Joshi earlier left from his home district Dewas in the morning and directly reached the state Congress office here with his supporters. At the time of entering the state Congress office, Joshi was carrying the picture of his father Kailash Joshi in his hand and Kamal Nath welcomed Deepak Joshi to the Congress by garlanding the picture of Kailash Joshi as well.

On this occasion, Joshi told reporters that he has come to Congress without any conditions. He has not even sought a ticket from any particular constituency, but if the Congress allows, he is ready to contest against Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan from his assembly constituency Budhni on a Congress ticket. 

In this context, Kamal Nath said in response to the questions of journalists that he is adopting the policy of deciding the ticket of any candidate after discussion with the local leaders. In this case also the same rule will be folloewed.

Honesty is my main ideology and I will continue to follow it: Joshi

Earlier, Deepak Joshi referred to his father Kailash Joshi and his political and social legacy and said that honesty is his main ideology and he will continue to follow it. He attacked Chief Minister Chouhan and BJP leaders and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given the slogan 'Na Khaunga and Na Khane Dunga', but the actions of BJP leaders are completely opposite to this. He accused the BJP leaders of corruption and also raised questions on the exorbitant increase in their wealth.

Deepak Joshi has been a three-time MLA from Dewas district on a BJP ticket and has represented Bagli and Hatpipliya constituencies. He was also a minister in the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government before the year 2018.

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