8 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh Election 2023: This Rebel Of BJP Wants Seat Of 'Narayan', Leaders Engaged In Damage Control

Bhopal: Before the assembly elections, BJP is going through a difficult phase in Madhya Pradesh. Senior BJP leaders are accused of ignoring party workers. After Deepak Joshi, Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, Satyanarayan Sattan, Raghunandan Sharma, Dr. Gaurishankar Shejwar, Ramkrishna Kusmaria and Ajay Vishnoi appear dissatisfied. These are the leaders who have given their invaluable contribution in bringing BJP till here but now they have been marginalized.

One more name among them is that of former minister Anup Mishra. Feeling neglected in the party for a long time, Anup Mishra suddenly came to Bhopal on Sunday and met party state president VD Sharma and state general secretary Hitanand at the BJP state office here. 

This meeting, which took place between these leaders in a closed room for about half an hour, is believed to be a damage control exercise that started after Deepak Joshi's rebellion. In such a situation, Anup Mishra, who was in headlines for some time due to his nonconforming statements, looked happy after this meeting and described the meeting as normal. But the news is coming out that Anup Mishra, nephew of former Prime Minister late Atal Vihari Vajpayee, wants to contest from his old Gwalior South seat in this election.

Anup Mishra's claim on Gwalior South seat

In 1998, Anup Mishra won this seat and snatched it from the Congress. He says that Gwalior South region is his ancestral home. The whole family lives in the South Assembly constituency only. Therefore, he has a strong claim on this seat. 

However, in 2018, BJP had fielded Narayan Kushwaha from this seat and he also won. But Anup Mishra is confident that the party will give him ticket from South Gwalior seat only. In the event of not getting the ticket, he says that he will decide according to the circumstances. At present, they have started public relations on this seat.

Anup was defeated in Bhitarwar

BJP had last sent Anup Mishra to Bhitarwar in 2028. From where he had to face defeat. In such a situation, he is eyeing the South seat of Gwalior. 

Also, on the question of not getting the ticket from Gwalior South and contesting from another seat, Anup Mishra says that he is assuming that the party will give him the ticket from the South seat only. Where he has also started contact with people. In the event of not getting the ticket from the party, they will take a decision according to the circumstances that will arise.

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