11 May 2023

Now Elections Will Also Be Digital, Voting Will Be Done From Mobile, Election Commission Tested New Technology In Karnataka Elections

Votes were cast for the Karnataka assembly elections on Wednesday. This time the Election Commission of India used new technology to cast votes in the Karnataka elections. Yes, in this era of technology, the Election Commission has also been upgraded. Now you can vote only with the help of mobile app and selfie. Let us tell you about this technology so that you do not have to get stuck in long voting lines.

Voting will be easy

The Election Commission has used new technology this time for the Karnataka elections. In this, you will be able to vote through facial recognition. Simply put, you will not need a voter ID to cast your vote. All you have to do is take a selfie and submit it on the official app of the Election Commission. 

When your selfie scan is successful on the app, you can cast vote directly. The ECI tested it at a polling station in Bangalore by getting votes cast in a smart way. 

With the advent of this technology, voting will become very easy and people will not have to stand in long queues. The Election Commission hopes that with the help of technology, the voting percentage will increase and people will participate in voting.


Fake voting will be checked

On the use of new technology, the Election Commission says that this will curb fake voting. Through facial recognition technology, the voter's face will be matched with the data of the system. After this there will be no need for document verification. 

The Election Commission will fill the database of the voting area in the database of the app, so that the app will be able to recognize the person. Looking at the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, this technology can help in simplifying the election procedures.

Questions raised on security

This technology is being used for the first time in any area by the Election Commission of India. In such a situation, it is bound to raise questions on this. Although the Election Commission says that the new technology is being used only near the polling booth. In such a situation the question of bogus voting does not arise.

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