9 May 2023

Rajasthan: Sachin Pilot's Big Statement- Gehlot's Leader Is Vasundhara Not Sonia Gandhi, Pilot Will Take Out Jan Sangharsh Yatra From 11, Will Take A Big Decision After That

JAIPUR: Before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, the problems of the Congress are increasing. Infighting has peaked and conflicting statements are being issued by leaders of rival Gehlot and Pilot camps. 

The fight between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot again came to the fore on Tuesday. Pilot openly accused Chief Minister Gehlot during the press conference. Pilot said that everyone heard the previous speech of CM Gehlot. After listening to the speech, he feels that Ashok Gehlot's leader is not Sonia Gandhi but Vasundhara Raje Scindia is his leader.

Yatra will start from Ajmer

Pilot has now announced to undertake a padayatra. In the past he had observed a fast. In the midst of the press conference, Sachin Pilot made a big announcement and said that from May 11, he would take out a five-day Jan Sangharsh Yatra. This Yatra will start from Ajmer. 

The Jan Sangharsh Yatra will actually be taken out against corruption. Any other decision will be taken after the Yatra. Referring to the statement of CM Gehlot, former deputy CM Pilot said that on one hand it is being said that the work of toppling the Congress government was being done by the BJP. On the other hand, they are saying that the state government was saved by Vasundhara Raje. This statement is quite contradictory in itself. 

Pilot said he felt it needed to be clarified. Referring to the rebellion that took place in 2020, Sachin Pilot said that he wanted a change of leadership in the government. He had put his views in front of the Congress high command. Several rounds of meetings were held, after which the committee was also formed. The roadmap was prepared in the committee. After this, we all worked wholeheartedly to strengthen the Congress. This tenure lasted for about two and a half years. He said he has not done any act of breaking discipline.


Congressmen are praising BJP leaders

Sachin Pilot said that for the first time he has seen that work is being done to defame the government, MLAs and leaders of one’s own party. All this is beyond comprehension. Because Congress MLAs are being defamed by praising BJP. Pilot also said that the allegations against him that he was tarnishing the image of the party and the government were not true. Allegations are being leveled against such people who have been doing public service work for 30-40 years. Pilot said after listening to the Gehlot’s statement, it has become clear to him why Ashok Gehlot has not taken action against Vasundhara Raje till now in the corruption case?

Vasundhara had saved Gehlot's government

In July of 2020, under the leadership of Pilot, around 18 Congress MLAs had gone on a rebellion. However, the party high command intervened and after that this political drama which went on for a month somehow came to an end. But after this Sachin Pilot was not only removed from the post of Deputy CM but also from the post of Congress State President. In fact, CM Gehlot had claimed in the public meeting of Dholpur recently that in the year 2020, when some Congress MLAs led by Pilot rebelled. At that time Vasundhara Raje and Kailash Meghwal came forward and they saved the government.

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