12 May 2023

W Bengal: Calcutta High Court Cancels Jobs Of 36,000 Untrained Teachers

Kolkata: Calcutta High Court on Friday cancelled the jobs of 36,000 untrained teachers. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay gave this unprecedented order. Those whose jobs have been ordered to be terminated are untrained teachers.


Those teachers who were appointed in the 2014 TET examination will have to leave their jobs within the next four months. Never before have such huge cancellations been made due to recruitment corruption.

BJP leader and lawyer Tarunjyoti Tiwari filed a case in the court alleging massive corruption in the appointment of TET nine years ago. He said, 42 thousand 500 people were appointed. But not everyone got the job illegally. Some have also got jobs based on merit by taking examination.

Tiwari requested the court to investigate those who got jobs illegally. Justice Gangopadhyay gave the charge of investigating this case to the CBI.

Allegedly, many have been given jobs despite getting lower marks than the petitioners.
More than 30000 candidates were recruited whose marks are lower than those of the applicants.

It should be noted that the appointments were made in 2016 based on the 2014 TET exam. 42 thousand 500 people were recruited there. 


Fresh recruitments ordered


Fresh recruitments have been ordered within three months. The question arises, what will happen to those schools where teachers were working for so long? In this case, it has been clarified from the Calcutta High Court that the recruitment should be done from the recently conducted TET examination. A large number of these teachers, who were working as para teachers, will work on para teacher salary for the time being for four months.


Teachers whose jobs are cancelled can also take part in new recruitment process

Justice Gangopadhyay also said that the teachers whose jobs have been cancelled. They can also participate in the new recruitment process, if they have undergone training earlier. Justice Gangopadhyay said that the entire panel of primary teacher recruitment process of 2016 would be cancelled. Tarunjyoti Tiwari, the counsel for 140 applicants, said that there are many irregularities in the recruitment process. Jobs have been given to the untrained in the state.

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