20 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh: What Did Digvijaya Singh's Brother Laxman Singh Say That Created A Stir!

Bhopal: Controversy and conflict is probably another name of politics. As soon as a leader makes a statement, counterattacks begin and speculations are made. A similar statement has come from Laxman Singh, brother of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh. He has said something because of which there was a stir in both Congress and BJP. All this happened because assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh this year. In such a situation, it is a political challenge to appease all the leaders and keep everyone united.

Laxman spoke openly on many issues in Indore

Laxman Singh was in Indore a day earlier. During this, he openly kept many things on the current politics. About Bajrang Dal, he said that in his opinion, Bajrang Dal should not be banned. It has not done any such work which is anti-national. Then what is the need of ban. Yes, if someone spreads violence, there is law for him and the police do their job. Those who do anti-national work must be banned. If NIA feels that anti-national work is being done by Bajrang Dal, then ban it. 

Many Scindia supporters are in contact with me

Laxman Singh said that I miss Jyotiraditya Scindia a lot these days. The Congress has benefited from his joining the BJP. He is a good orator and has a lot of potential. Even after this, his position in BJP is not hidden from anyone. Many of his supporters are in contact with us, they want to leave BJP and join Congress. The reason is that Scindia will not lose the election because he himself is not contesting the election. But his supporters are going among the public and their condition is very bad. There is no doubt that most of the Scindia supporters will lose the election. That's why 90 percent of his supporters are eager to join the Congress, said Laxman.

Debate in BJP

Regarding the above claims of Laxman Singh, it is being told that a debate has started in the BJP as well. Doubts are being raised that Scindia supporters are not really going back to Congress. In such a situation, it is believed that their activities are being monitored. 

However, on Singh's statement, former national president of Bajrang Dal Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya bluntly said that Congress has no ideology. Congress makes such meaningless statements, which show the party is directionless

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