4 May 2023

Will Issue Of Bajrang Bali Help BJP In Karnataka, Congress Surrounded By Promising To Ban Bajrang Dal

Bengaluru: The controversy over Bajrang Dal in Karnataka assembly elections has changed the atmosphere in the state. Voting is to be held in the state on May 10 and BJP has got a new political weapon in the form of Bajrang Bali. With this, many other issues have gone to the background. PM Narendra Modi is now starting every rally in Karnataka with the slogan of Jai Bajrang Bali. 

By announcing to ban PFI and Bajrang Dal in the election manifesto, the Congress has created controversy. In such a situation, the question arises whether the BJP will be able to derive political mileage out of this situation and turn the tables on Congress.

Issue of Hindutva has gained momentum 

In the electoral politics of Karnataka till now, the Congress seemed to have the upper hand. Not only this, the Congress was seen to be leading in the surveys and opinion polls as well. But the Congress manifesto pushed it back. 

By promising to ban Bajrang Dal, the Congress has in a way given a lifeline to the BJP. This is the reason why the issue of Hindutva has gained momentum in the election battle of Karnataka.


BJP sees a ray of hope

Before the announcement of assembly elections in Karnataka, the ruling BJP was facing infighting and anti-incumbency. But the issue of Bajrangbali has changed the scene. Actually Congress has promised to ban PFI and Bajrang Dal in its manifesto. 

Now BJP has been engaged in capitalizing this issue. Especially in North Karnataka region, BJP has started seeing a lot of hope from this issue. Here BJP was on backfoot after former CM Jagadish Shettar left the party. 

PM Modi is starting rallies with slogan of Bajrang Bali

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is starting the election rallies in Karnataka with the slogan of Bajrang Bali. In Moodabidri in South Karnataka too, the Prime Minister started his address with the slogan of Bajrang Bali. Not only this, the PM in his natural style lashed out at the Congress. 

Without taking names, he targeted the Gandhi family. The most important thing in this was the slogan of Bajrang Bali. Earlier on Tuesday evening in Hanagal taluk of Karnataka, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai  also expressed his anger and shouted slogans of Jai Shri Ram and Jai Bajrang Bali during his speech. Not only this, he also waved a saffron cloth from the stage.

12.91 percent Muslim and 84 percent Hindu population in Karnataka

According to the 2011 census, the total population of Karnataka is around 6.11 crores. Out of which the number of Hindus is around 5.13 crores i.e. around 84 percent, while the Muslim population is around 79 lakhs i.e. 12.91 percent. The population of Christians in the state is about 11 lakhs and the population of Jains is about 4 lakhs. 

These days the issue of religion is hot and at its peak in the politics of Karnataka. After the announcement of ban on Bajrang Dal, the politics of polarization and appeasement has intensified. The 12.91 percent Muslim population in the state directly affects 40 of the 224 seats. Generally the Muslim class is considered as the vote bank of the Congress. In such a situation, the BJP is trying to attract 84 percent of the Hindu population of the state by airing the issue of Bajrang Dal.

Unemployment is the biggest issue in Karnataka so far

Earlier in the Karnataka elections, unemployment was being considered as the biggest issue. People were worried about poverty and unemployment. Now the issue of Hindutva is slowly getting bigger. 

In a survey recently, 28 percent people had expressed concern over unemployment. In this survey, around 25 percent people had also expressed their concern about poverty. Youth voters of the state are facing a big problem of unemployment, while poverty is a big issue for voters in rural areas.

Damage control by Cong

Meanwhile, amid strong protest from the Sangh Parivar against the Congress manifesto mentioning a ban on Bajrang Dal, senior Congress leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister Veerappa Moily on Wednesday said there was no suggestion before the party to ban Bajrang Dal if elected to power.

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