27 May 2023

Wrestlers Protest: AAP Leader Manish Sisodia Writes To PM Modi From Jail

New Delhi: Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who is jailed in the liquor scam case, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, demanding justice for the wrestler daughters, who are staging a sit-in at Jantar Mantar. 

Sisodia said that the Prime Minister is turning his back on this episode as if these daughters have come from Pakistan. The Prime Minister was not tired of calling these daughters, who brought laurels to India by winning medals on foreign soil, as members of his family, but is now silent. Is the Prime Minister who tells "Mann Ki Baat" on every issue silent only because the accused is a powerful MP from his party?

Daughters are shedding tears for justice at Jantar Mantar

In a letter written to the Prime Minister, he said, “Prime Minister, you had said that daughters are the pride of the country. Then these daughters have really boosted the pride of the country. Because of these talented daughters, our tricolor has been hoisted on foreign soil. Because of them, our national anthem has resonated in foreign lands. As an Indian, my blood boils when the daughter who became so emotional after winning the medal, while making India proud, tears came out of her eyes, today she is shedding tears for justice at Jantar Mantar.

No daughter will dare to raise voice against any powerful person 

The former Deputy Chief Minister said, “We are your political opponents, you strangled the Constitution for eight years to stop our work. Using all his agencies, we were sent to jail on false charges. You send your political opponents to jail, hang them, this may be the way and level of your politics, but give justice to these daughters who make India proud, otherwise no talented daughter will again dare to raise her voice against any powerful person in this country. 

Senior party leader and Delhi Education Minister Atishi Marlena shared the letter written by Sisodia on Twitter.

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