3 Jun 2023

Bhopal Master Plan 2031: Focus On Protection Of Tiger Movement Area, Upper Lake

Bhopal: The Bhopal Development Plan (Draft)-2031 or Bhopal Master Plan has been published by the Urban Development and Housing Department on June 2, 2023.

If any person has any objection or suggestion in relation to the proposed amendments in Bhopal Development Plan (Draft)-2031, he may send it in writing to the Joint Director Town and Country Planning District Office, Bhopal during office hours from the date of publication in the Madhya Pradesh Gazette from June 2 within 30 days. The state government will consider these and implement them, said an official release.

According to T&CP officials and experts, claims and objections will be accepted for one month. They will be resolved. After this there will be other processes. If all goes well, the master plan can be implemented in the next three months.

Tiger movement and forest areas to be protected

There is a proposal regarding the road in Village Mendora, Mendori, Chichli, Khushalpura, Mahuakheda, Barkhedi, Bajyafat, Ratibad, Barkhedikhurd, Bhanpur, Kekadiya, Chandanpura, Chhawani, Khudaganj, Barkheda Nathu, Gaura. There is some modification in this because the forest area extends from Village Ratapani to Village Mendora-Chandanpura near Kaliasot-Kerwa Dam. Due to the presence of tigers in this area, it is a sensitive area.

Construction banned 

Keeping in mind the conservation of tigers, forest, green belt etc., construction has been banned here. About 400 hectares of land here has been given to the Forest Department. Due to this even the government building will not be able to be constructed here. Private construction will also be banned.

Protecting the catchment area of Upper Lake

In order to conserve the catchments area of Upper Lake, there will be no road or other construction.

A proposed road which was going to affect the upper lake and its aquatic life has been removed in the plan. In the draft of Bhopal Development plan, a 15.7 kilometer long route of 45 meter (alongside the southern side of Full Tank Level of Upper Lake), passing through village Berkhedi Kalan, Gora, Berkheda Nathu via Khajuri Sadak on Indore route was proposed. It was going to affect the upper lake catchment area, its ecology, aquatic life lake and natural habitat of the birds. Now it stands erased.

Many bureaucrats had purchased plots and even built houses in whispering palm colony and this area had come in the low density zone. In the anticipation of changes in the low density area, many of them have built houses, covering more areas than mentioned in the FAR.

Special criteria have also been kept for Arera Colony, Chuna Bhatti, Vijayanagar.

More construction on only 100 meter area on both sides of metro

There was a proposal for more construction in an area of 500 meters each on either side of the metro. Now only 100 meter area has been kept, where more construction can be done. However, for this, some government procedures have to be completed.

Avadhpuri to Raisen road width 30 meters

A 60 meter road was proposed from Awadhpuri to Raisen Road in village Khajurikalan. There were many objections regarding this. The government found a middle way and now it has been proposed to keep the width of the road at 30 metres.

A 24.0 meter wide road has been proposed on both sides of Sukhi Sewaniya Railway Station.

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