18 Jun 2023

Biparjoy Wreaking Havoc In Rajasthan; Many Dists Flooded; Surava Dam Breaks At Sanchore In Jalore

Cyclone Biparjoy is wreaking havoc in Rajasthan after Gujarat. Due to its effect, heavy rains have continued in many areas of the state for the last 36 hours, causing flood-like conditions.

Heavy rains threw life out of gear in many districts including Barmer, Sirohi, Banswara, Udaipur, Rajsamand, Pali, Ajmer, Kota. Some areas of these districts have received 25 to 33 CM of rain so far.

Due to the effect of Biparjoy storm, continuous rains for two days have created a flood-like situation in Jalore and Barmer. People's contact has been broken in many places. 

Flood-like situation in Mount Abu of Sirohi, Sanchore of Jalore and Barmer

Flood-like situation prevails in Mount Abu of Sirohi, Sanchore of Jalore and Barmer, adjacent to the Gujarat border. Many colonies have been submerged in Barmer. Settlements have been submerged in Jalore. 

Neither vegetables nor fruits are available here for the last two days in Sanchore.  With great difficulty, milk is being supplied to the people here during the day. Apart from this, transport connectivity has also been broken in the nearby villages. NDRF team is engaged in relief and rescue work.

Torrential rain continues with strong winds. The situation is such that the power supply has been stopped in many villages of Barmer district. Water drains have started overflowing in the colonies.  

Surava dam breaks at Sanchore in Jalore 

Several areas have been submerged due to the breach of the Surava dam at Sanchore in Jalore district. Due to the rise in water in the Narmada Lift Canal due to the breaking of the dam, that too has broken. Now the most danger is hovering over the city of Sanchore. Efforts are being made to evacuate the entire city as soon as the information about the dam breach is received on Saturday night. The population of Sanchore town is 50 thousand. Its distance from Jaipur is 500 km.

It is raining heavily around Sanchore for the last 36 hours. Along with this, water was continuously coming from the Gujarat side also in the Surava dam built here. Due to excessive water filling, the dam broke late on Saturday night. This water is moving towards the city.

After getting information about the sudden arrival of water in the city, people started evacuating their shops in the market from 2 o'clock in the late night. At the same time, the people of the low-lying areas were also asked to go to a safe place.

From Surava, the water reached Jajoosan by going through Hadetar. After which the water had moved towards Sanchore at 4 o'clock in the night through the bridge of the Bharatmala Expressway being built ahead. But due to excess water in the Sanchore lift canal of Narmada Canal, that too has broken.

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