18 Jun 2023

Weather: Monsoon May Progress Even As North india Reels Under Record Breaking Heat

While the North India reels under record breaking heat, the Monsoon is expected to advance over east India this week. While Biparjoy has wreaked havoc on Rajasthan, Gujarat, the whole of North India including UP-Bihar is in the grip of severe heat wave these days. 

Nearly 100 people have lost their lives due to heat stroke in the last 3 days in UP and Bihar due to the scorching heat and heat wave. The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of continuing such heat till June 19.

Conditions becoming favourable for progress of monsoon

Meanwhile, the Monsoon is expected to advance over East India this week, according to Skymet.  The onset of monsoon over Kerala was delayed by one week. It is 18 June and the monsoon has not progressed as per its normal dates. It is behind the schedule over West Coast, South Peninsula, and East India as well as over the Central part of the country. Conditions are becoming favourable for the further progress of the monsoon over the South Peninsula and East India.

The cyclonic storm Biparjoy has weakened and moved over Rajasthan. Southwesterly winds will strengthen over the southeast Arabian Sea leading to active monsoon conditions over South Peninsula. This monsoon surge will help in the further progression of the monsoon over the South Peninsula.

Depression over central Rajasthan will move over central and East UP

The depression over central parts of Rajasthan will move gradually over central and East Uttar Pradesh as a low-pressure area. This low-pressure area will pull the monsoon currents from the Bay of Bengal. Rain activities may increase gradually over Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal between June 18 and 21.

Southwest monsoon may progress over these states during that period. There are chances of the monsoon reaching east Uttar Pradesh by June 23rd.

Although rain activities will intensify over Madhya Pradesh in the coming week, Central India will have to wait for some more time for the monsoon to make its onset there.

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