1 Jun 2023

Collector to probe Damoh Hijab case; parents claim Hindu girls were forced to wear hijab

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has instructed the Collector to conduct a complete inquiry into the issue of Hindu girl students wearing hijab in a school in Damoh district.

Expressing displeasure in this matter, Chouhan has instructed the Collector to conduct a complete investigation, according to official information.

In Damoh's Ganga Jamna Higher Secondary School, the issue of wearing of hijab by girl students is snowballing. On the one hand, the school management and some girl students are calling it scarf and part of dress code,  the parents of some other girl students are alleging that girls are forced to wear hijab in the school. 

Hindu organizations claim probe was not fair

At the same time, Hindutva organizations are questioning the investigation of the administration, in which the authorities have given a clean chit to the school management in this matter. CM Shivraj Singh has ordered the collector to investigate in this matter.

Parents reached collectorate

Along with the Hinduist organization, parents of some girl students also reached the collectorate on Thursday. Pawan Rajak, associated with the organization, alleges that the investigation done jointly by the District Education Officer and other officials is false. How can a clean chit be given in a probe that lasted for three-four hours? I have some families with me whose children study in this school. Relatives allege that their children are forced to wear hijab.

Poster showed girls wearing hijab

poster was released recently by the school in Damoh district. The poster mentioned MP board topper children of the school, in which several Hindu topper girls were shown wearing hijab. After this poster went viral on social media, some social organizations complained about it, after which this matter came into limelight.

In this matter, Home Minister Dr. Mishra had said that the matter of showing Hindu girls in hijab in the posters of the local Ganga Jamna School in Damoh has been investigated by the District Education Officer. 

In this investigation, no such complaint has come from the family members of the girls. Even after this, in view of the seriousness of the matter, the Superintendent of Police has been instructed to thoroughly investigate the entire matter.

Childs panel also takes cognisance

At the same time, the National Child Rights Protection Commission has also taken cognizance of this matter. The commission's chairperson Priyanka Kanungo said in a tweet that a complaint has been received by the school about Hindu and other non-Muslim girls being forced to wear burqas and hijabs in the name of school uniforms. Cognizance is being taken of this and instructions are being given to the District Collector and Superintendent of Police for necessary action.

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