3 Jun 2023

Learn Secret Of Maa Karni Temple Of Rajasthan Where 25 Thousand Rats Live, It Is Place Of Kuldevi Of Rajputs

India is the center of unique culture and religious devotion. There are many such temples here which are famous among the devotees because of their miracles. Let us take you on a journey to one such temple today which is not only miraculous but also thrills devotees due to its qualities. 

The temple of Maa Karni, located in the Deshnok village in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, is carrying many secrets with it. You will be surprised to know that there are about 25,000 rats in this temple. 

How did these rats come? To this day it remains a matter of puzzle. Even science has not been able to solve this puzzle till date. The temple is situated at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Bikaner. Let us tell you about some interesting things related to the temple.

Birth of Maa Karni

Maa Karni was born as Ridhubai in the royal family of Jodhpur. She was the 6th child of 'Karni' Meha Ji Charan and Deval Bai. After marriage, she became disenchanted with the world, she started leading the life of an ascetic.

After marriage, living the life of an ascetic, she started demonstrating her powers through 'supernatural events', as a result of which she was named 'Karni'. Karni Maa is known as an incarnation of Durga. Historians tell that Maa Karni lived for about 151 years. Since then till today he is worshiped by Rajputs.

King of Bikaner had got the temple constructed

Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner got the Karni Mata Temple constructed in the late Mughal style in the 20th century. After this, from time to time, many people have been getting the temple of Mata renovated. The image of Karni Mata in the temple is 75 cm tall, which is decorated with a crown and garland of flowers.

25, 000 rats are present in the temple

About 25,000 rats are present in the temple of Mata Karni. All these rats come out of their burrows in the morning and evening at the time of Mata's Aarti. Different types of dishes are made in the temple as Prasad for the rats. Later the bhog is distributed among the devotees. The special thing is that despite having so many rats, no bad smell comes from the temple, nor has any devotee suffered any disease due to rats till date. It is believed that all the wishes of the one who visits this temple are fulfilled.

The story behind 25,000 rats

A story is very popular about the rats present in the temple. According to the locals, once a group of twenty thousand soldiers attacked Deshnok, Mata turned these soldiers into rats with her powers.


Apart from this, another story related to rats is prevalent, according to which Karni Mata's stepson died by drowning in Kapil Sarovar. When mother Karni came to know about this, she prayed a lot to Yamraj to make her son alive. Yamraj was also forced to revive the mother's child in the form of a rat. Since then rats started living in this temple.

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