21 Jun 2023

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: What Changed Situation Mayawati Is Talking About? With Which Parties BSP Will Forge Alliance? Can There Be Changes In BSP's Strategy?

Lucknow: Efforts for opposition unity are going on continuously across the country from the side of Congress and Nitish in view of the Lok Sabha elections-2024. In such a situation, when it comes to UP, eyes will definitely be on two opposition parties SP and BSP. 

Political observers are wondering where will these two parties go in opposition unity? Although, Mayawati has already said that she will not forge an alliance with anyone, but in politics, decisions change according to time and situation. Mayawati herself is now also talking about the changed situation.

However, the BSP has stayed away from the opposition unity meetings called so far for opposition unity. Still, if the circumstances change in the future, she would like to show herself strong in that. It will also be indicated that if an opposition front is formed without her, then she is also capable of spoiling the game.

Mahan Dal, Owaisi may support BSP

Meanwhile, the closeness of some small parties to the BSP is also in discussion. The Mahan party, which has hold among the backward classes, has also announced its support to the BSP. Party chief Keshav Dev Maurya has spoken of supporting BSP, calling Akhilesh a small-hearted leader. He said that where it is written that 'SP has to win', 'B' has to be added there. On the other hand, Asaduddin Owaisi's party AIMIM is also said to be in contact with BSP.

BSP to forge alliances with small parties?

It is clear from these circumstances that before the Lok Sabha elections, the BSP is preparing to forge alliances with small parties having hold among the backward and Muslims in certain areas. With this, she wants to increase her strength and give a message to other parties that opposition unity would be difficult while excluding BSP. 

All eyes on BSP meeting today

Meanwhile, BSP chief Mayawati has called an important meeting of her party today on Wednesday. The tweet she himself has made before this meeting is also important. She has made it clear that this meeting has been called in view the fast changing political situation in the state and the country, special developments as well as preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections-2024. 

Everyone's eyes are now on what new political equations the BSP is preparing to make before the Lok Sabha elections? Convening a meeting before June 23 and talking about making a strategy keeping in mind the political situation also indicate some possible changes in BSP's strategy.

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