14 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election-2023: Why Did Imrati Devi Threaten To Return To Old Party

Gwalior: As the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election-2023 are coming closer, the voices of the BJP leaders involved in the ticket race are getting harsher. 


First, Anoop Mishra talked about contesting from Gwalior South in any circumstance, Sameeksha Gupta, who was a mayor, also indicated to contest the elections and then Narayan Singh Kushwaha, who was a three-time minister from the same constituency, warned the party that he will not work for the party at all if the former mayor who once left the party gets the ticket. 

Imrati Devi was a three-time MLA from Dabra

Now the name of Imrati Devi Suman, who was a three-time MLA from Dabra and a minister till two and a half years ago, has been added to list of the leaders who adopted rebellious attitude. Imrati Devi has warned the party and gave an ultimatum that if power cuts and other problems in her constituency are not resolved, she will leave the BJP and join her old party.

Imrati Devi gave warning to a senior minister of her own govt

Imrati Devi gave this warning to a senior minister of her own government by visiting his bungalow. Imrati Devi reached the government bungalow of Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar with the businessmen of Dabra and clearly said that an uncomfortable situation has been created in front of them due to the power cuts during the elections. If the life of the public is difficult in the summer, then the traders are not able to do their business. While expressing this anguish, Imrati Devi became so upset that she warned that she would return to her old party if the power cuts were not stopped. 


Imrati Devi was Minister in Kamal Nath govt 

Significantly, Imrati Devi was the Minister of Women and Child Development in the Kamal Nath government but joined the BJP in March 2020 along with 22 other MLAs under the leadership of Scindia.

Imrati Devi, who won by 57,000, lost by 7,633 votes in by-poll. Imrati Devi has been continuously elected MLA from Dabra seat in 2008, 13 and 18 but in the by-election held in 2020, Suresh Raje, who came from BJP to Congress, stopped her victory chariot.  

Imrati won by record margin in 2018 but lost in by-poll


Suresh Raje defeated Imrati Devi by 7,633 votes. Imrati Devi got 68,056 votes while Congress got 75,689 votes. This election result was shocking because Imarti Devi had won by a record 57,000 votes in the 2018 assembly elections held almost two years before the by-election


Dabra seat has been traditional seat of Dr. Narottam Mishra

Dabra seat has also been the home town and traditional seat of Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra. He has been an MLA from here in 1990, 98 and 2003, but in the 2008 delimitation this seat was reserved for SC. Then Mishra made Datia his assembly constituency. 


Imrati becomes concerned about problems at election time: Raje


On the other hand, Suresh Raje, Congress MLA from Dabra, said if Imarti Devi were worried about her constituency, she would not have lost in the by-election. As soon as the elections come, she becomes concerned about the problems of the public like power cut. Raje said it is all a show off. As far as her return to the Congress is concerned, it is the job of the big leaders of our party to see.

Kaushal Sharma, District President, BJP Rural, Dabra said Imrati Devi is a responsible public representative, if she draws the attention of the ministers towards the problems of her area, then what is wrong in it. He said nothing like this happened in front of me, although I was also there.

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