13 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Congress MLA Umang Singhar Calls Hanuman A Tribal, What BJP Said In Response?

Bhopal: Former Forest Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Congress MLA from Gandhwani in Dhar district Umang Singhar has given birth to a new controversy by calling Hanumanji a tribal. He has said that those who took Lord Shri Ram to Lanka were tribals but have been described as monkeys. 

The video of his statement is going viral. The BJP has taken a dig at him on this. Spokesperson Dr. Hitesh Vajpayee said about this that Singhar does not consider Hanuman ji as God. Is this what Congress thinks about Lord Hanuman.

In fact, Singhar was addressing a program organized on the occasion of the 123rd death anniversary of Jannayak Bhagwan Birsa Munda at Bagh in Dhar district recently. Umang Singhar began his address with Ram-Ram. 

Tribals took Lord Shri Ram to Lanka

The Congress MLA said that the tribals took Lord Shri Ram to Lanka, they built the bridge. Storytellers have called them monkeys. Lord Shri Hanuman is also a tribal. We are the descendants of Birsa Munda, we are the descendants of Tantya Mama, we are the descendants of Hanuman ji. We are proud to be tribal.

Do not insult Bajrangbali in MP like Karnataka 

Regarding this, the matter between the two is escalating rapidly. The BJP state spokesperson said whether the Congress is speaking the language of Catholic priests who get conversions done. 

Umang Singhar said that Lord Bajrangbali blessed us and the truth emerged victorious in Karnataka (where I was in charge) and here in Madhya Pradesh also the Congress will win as it follows the path of truth, non-violence and tolerance. 

On this, Vajpayee said that it is a humble request to you that do not start insulting Bajrang Bali ji in Madhya Pradesh the way you did in Karnataka, that's it!

We tribals are descendants of Bajrangbali

Former minister Singhar said that we tribals are of Bajrangbali, not of Bajrang Dal. Do you consider it an insult to Hanumanji when I call tribals the descendants of Lord Hanumanji? When I say Lord Hanumanji belongs to our tribal society, you say Hanumanji is demeaned. Is calling someone a tribal demeaning him? Don't we tribals have the right to interpret the deities? Singhar said that if Vajpayee does not apologize publicly, he will take legal action regarding this.

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