20 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Tiger Movement Seen In Bhopal's Bull Mother Farm; Cow Attacked; People Advised To Stay Indoors

Bhopal: Tiger movement has been seen once again at Bull Mother Farm located at Kerwa Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Tiger tried to hunt a cow but could not succeed in hunting. Tiger has also been captured in CCTV camera. After this, the Forest Department has increased the strictness in the surrounding areas. People have been advised not to come out of their homes at night.

The tiger entered the Bull Mother Farm located in Kerwa area in the capital at 1 am on the intervening night of 18 and 19 June. It targeted the Frieswal breed cow but the tiger could not succeed in hunting due to the counterattack of the rest of the cows. 

Tiger sat in ambush in farm for 3 hours

The tiger sat in ambush in the farm for three hours, but due to the herd of cows and their aggressive attitude, it did not dare to attack again.

In fact, the 14 feet high fencing of the Forest Department on the backside of Bull Mother Farm has become weak due to lack of maintenance. Due to holes and gaps in it, the tiger can enter easily. 

In such a situation, the cows are at a risk in Bull Mother Farm run by Madhya Pradesh State Poultry Development Corporation. There is continuous discussion going on between the officials of the Forest Department and the Corporation on how to rectify this situation.

The tiger injured the cow of Frieswal breed. On this the rest of the cows chased away the tiger and saved the injured cow. Due to this attack on the throat, the shoulder of the cow has been fractured. 

Gaps and holes in fencing mended

Treatment is going on, but the condition is critical. On the other hand, the top officials of Poultry Development Corporation discussed with Forest Department SDO Ranveer Singh Bhadoria and Ranger Shivpal to get the fencing fixed. After this, the gaps in the fencing from the hill side to the jungle side have been mended.

There are 50 to 55 cameras in the entire 76.10-acre campus of Bull Mother Farm. The campus is monitored through them. When the tiger entered, its every movement was recorded. It was also visible how the cows retaliated.

Bull Mother Farm has been targeted by tigers five times in the last six months. Big cat had come 15 days ago as well, but could not succeed in hunting as the cows were in the pen.

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