21 Jun 2023

This State Has Become First State In Country To Give Pension To Trees


Generally the government gives pension to senior citizens, but if we say that trees get pension then what would you say. Do not be surprised to hear, because it is true. A new scheme has been started by the Haryana government for the purpose of environmental protection, under which the trees above 75 years of age will be given a pension of Rs 2500 by the state government. 


Only state in country to give pension to trees


The Khattar government of Haryana has started saving trees above 75 years of age under the Pranavayu Devta scheme and has decided to give pension to trees. With this, Haryana has become the only state in the country to give pension to trees.


Haryana government has also selected more than 3500 trees for the scheme. The amount of pension will be sent to the account of those farmers on whose land trees are planted. 


Resolving problem of pollution

Often farmers cut and sell trees for some money. In such a situation, it is believed that the plan of the Khattar government will motivate farmers not to cut trees. Also, this scheme is expected to provide relief from the problem of pollution. The surrounding states including Haryana are struggling with the problem of pollution. In such a situation, this scheme can prove to be beneficial, experts also say that if there is a ban on cutting of trees, then the air quality will also improve.


Very simple process

The state government is now laying more emphasis on tree plantation programmes. The public is being made aware through different programmes for environmental protection. The state government has also simplified the process of getting pension scheme for trees. The Forest Minister says that if there is a tree more than 75 years old in your house or farm, then go to the forest officer of your district and get the tree registered. So far more than 3500 trees have been selected by the state government for the scheme.

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