21 Jun 2023

(In Pics) Indian Coast Guard Organises Coastal Ring Of Yoga All Along Indian Coastline On International Day Of Yoga 2023

Indian Coast Guard celebrated International Day of Yoga with fervour on June 21, 2023. To mark the occasion, Indian Coast Guard created coastal ring/Sagarmala all along the country’s coastline by organizing special yoga sessions at all stations, ships and units in the coastal states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal as well as in the far-flung islands of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep. 

The coastal ring created all along the peninsular India from Kutch (Gujarat) to Kolkata (West Bengal) symbolizing sacrosanct Yoga participation by Indian Coast Guard personnel was based on this year’s theme ‘Ocean Ring of Yoga’. The islands (A&N and Lakshadweep) hinterland stations (Gandhinagar-Delhi) depicted their active presence as jewel to this ring.


Enthusiastic participation at Delhi NCR by Coast Guard fraternity

The day witnessed an enthusiastic participation at Delhi NCR by Coast Guard fraternity where over 500 enthusiasts joined, demonstrating their commitment not only to safeguarding the nation's vast coast line but also towards fostering a healthy and balanced.


Fisher-folk and other stakeholders joined in large number

In the run up for International Yoga Day 2023, the Indian Coast Guard embraced the spirit by organizing various sessions across the country. The participation was not only limited to Coast Guard personnel, their families but also the fisher-folk, and other stakeholders joined in large number at various locations. The aim of these events was to create awareness about Yoga’s holistic benefits, debunk any misconceptions, and inspire people to make Yoga a part of their daily lives.

The inclusion of Yoga in ICG personnel’s routine has greatly benefited them in their physical endurance and in managing stress and enhancing mental strength. The practice of Yoga has enabled the Coast Guard Personnel to maintain their peak performance levels and stay calm and composed even in challenging situations at sea. The Indian Coast Guard’s participation in International Yoga Day 2023 showcased their commitment to holistic development and well-being.

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