19 Jun 2023

Why Vande Bharat Runs At Top Speed Only On Hazrat Nizamuddin-Agra Section, Not On Others; On Which Route It Is Now Planned To Run It At 180 KMPH

The speed limit of Vande Bharat Express has been set at 160 kilometers per hour, but it runs at different speeds on each route. The speed of Vande Bharat Express varies on each route.

But so far there is only one route where Vande Bharat reaches a speed of 160 kmph. Otherwise it runs at the speed of 110, somewhere at 90 KMPH. Vande Bharat Express runs slower than the prescribed speed.

Automatic signal system on Nizamuddin- Agra section

But it runs at top speed on Nizamuddin- Agra section of Delhi-Bhopal route. The main reason is the automatic signal system. For this reason Vande Bharat running from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Rani Kamlapati station runs at a speed of 160 km per hour on this section.

In fact automatic signal is fitted on this section. There is a transmitter on the tracks, which transmits the message to the receiver present in the train about the next signal. That's why there is no need for loco pilots to look for signals outside. If the message of red signal is received in the cabin, then the loco pilot starts applying brakes slowly. 

If this is not possible due to some reason, then the train itself stops after some distance. Vande Bharat has run up to 161 kmph on the Hazrat Nizamuddin-Agra section of the Delhi-Bhopal route. 

Loco pilot has to see signal himself on other routes

On the other hand, the loco pilot of the train running on other routes has to see the signal himself, if the speed goes above 140, then it is difficult for him to see the signal red or green. This may cause an accident. But on Nizamuddin- Agra section loco pilot does not have to see the signal by himself.

Tracks aren’t strong enough

The other reasons why Vande Bharat does not run at full speed is the strength of the tracks, all the railway tracks in India are not capable enough to withstand the speed of 180 or 160 for a long time. 

Average speed of Vande Bharat is more than Rajdhani or Shatabdi

But even after not touching its top speed, the average speed of Vande Bharat is higher than that of Rajdhani or Shatabdi running on the same route. The Delhi-Varanasi Vande Bharat has currently maintained its average speed of 95 kmph. Still, it cannot be called Vande Bharat running at the top speed.

Will run at top speed on this route

The Government of India has planned to run Vande Bharat on the Delhi-Ajmer route with its top speed i.e. 180 kmph. 

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