19 Jun 2023

World Sickle Cell Day On 19 June: Ritual Of Sickle Cell Horoscope Matching Can Stop Spread Of Disease, Says Sarika Gharu In Bhopal


Bhopal: The spread of sickle cell disease, a congenital disease, can be stopped only by getting sickle cell test done at the time of marriage. This was stated by National Award winning science broadcaster Sarika Gharu in an awareness programme in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, on the occasion of World Sickle Cell Day on 19 June.

On this occasion, Dr. Randeep Guleria, Medanta Medical Education Director and BC Rai National Award recipient, through video conferencing said that in this disease the red blood cells become hard and sickle-shaped instead of being round and soft. This is a congenital disease. 

Disease is detected within a year of birth: Dr Guleria

Dr. Guleria, who is also former Director of AIIMS Delhi, said that till now there is no medicine or treatment for this disease. These cells get destroyed quickly and many a times they freeze in the arteries and cause obstruction in the blood flow which becomes fatal along with being painful. The disease is detected within a year of birth. Symptoms like infection, chest pain, joint pain are seen.

Sarika told that there are two types of sickle cell patients – one the patient and the other carrier. If both the parents are sickle cell patients then all their children will be sickle cell patients. Therefore, the spread of the disease can be prevented if the patient or carrier marries a common partner.

On June 19, a resolution recognizing sickle cell disease as a public health concern was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. That's why World Sickle Cell Day is celebrated on 19th June.

Collection of 7 songs prepared to raise awareness


Sarika Gharu said that she has prepared a collection of 7 songs on her own initiative with the inspiration of the Governor of Madhya Pradesh Mangubhai Patel, without any non-governmental or government help. 

Through these the symptoms of sickle cell and the message of matching sickle cell horoscope before marriage have been given in a simple and interesting way. These songs have been presented through posters and puppet shows by personally visiting 12 tribal dominated districts of Madhya Pradesh.

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