1 Jul 2023

Ayodhya Airport To Depict Temple Architecture of Ram Temple, Will Be Ready By This Date; Will Have These Ultramodern Facilities

The development of Ayodhya Airport is expected to be completed by September 2023. The new Airport will be suitable for the operation of A-320/B-737 type of Aircraft and is being developed at the cost of about Rs.350 crores.

The fa├žade of Terminal Building (both on the city side & Airside) depicts the temple architecture of the upcoming Ram temple of Ayodhya. The Proposed Terminal Building portrays the Grand Ram Mandir, which will offer a sense of spirituality to the visitors.

Pinnacles to convey a sense of grandeur

The architectural elements of the Terminal are proposed to be adorned with Shikhars (pinnacles) of varying heights to convey a sense of grandeur to the structure. Along with the varying shikhara, the Terminal will have decorative columns.

 The decorative colonnade will offer an immersive experience for the passengers and visitors. The interiors of the New Terminal Building are being designed to be decorated with local art, Paintings & Murals depicting the life cycle of Bhagwan Sri Ram.

The development work includes an extension of the existing runway from 1500m X 30m to 2200m x 45m for the operation of Code -C type of aircraft, an Interim Terminal Building, an ATC Tower, a Fire Station, car parking, new Apron for parking three Code 'C' type of aircraft and allied city-side and airside infrastructure.

Can handle 300 passengers during peak hours

The New interim Terminal Building having an area of 6250 sqm is equipped to manage 300 passengers during peak hours. Passengers’ facilities include 8 check-in-counters, 3 conveyor belts, car parking for seventy-five cars. The Airport will be PRM (Passenger with reduced mobility) compliant.

Equipped with various sustainability features

The Terminal Building of the airport is equipped with various sustainability features like Double Insulated Roofing System, Provision of Canopies for energy saving, LED Lighting, Rainwater Harvesting to recharge the groundwater table, Landscaping with fountains, Water treatment plant, Sewage treatment plant and use of recycled water for landscaping, a solar power plant with capacity of 250 KWP. The Terminal has been designed to integrate the culture and heritage of Ayodhya, State of Uttar Pradesh, creating a sense of place for the visitors.

Sharing his views on the development work going on at the airport, Sh Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation and Steel, said that “This state-of-the-art airport symbolises our commitment to enhance air connectivity and promote tourism in the holy city of Ayodhya.”

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