3 Jul 2023

Bihar: Can Nitish Kumar Join BJP: Here Are Five Reasons?

These days Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is visible in the center of country's politics. From BJP to all political parties, their eyes are fixed on Nitish. The reason is that Nitish is engaged in uniting the opposition parties and the BJP is constantly keeping an eye on his activities. Nitish Kumar is engaged in one to one meeting with MPs and MLAs to feel their pulse. 

On the other hand, many leaders like former Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi and Union Minister Ramdas Athawale are claiming that Nitish Kumar can join the BJP. There can be five reasons for Nitish to switch back to the BJP.

First reason

A few days back, CM Nitish Kumar had told the officials that we should be ready for the elections. He had even said that elections can be held anytime, so we have to speed up the development works. Apart from this, Nitish is understood to have told his MLAs and MPs to be ready to deal with every situation. It is necessary to mention here that even his own people do not understand the strategy of Nitish Kumar. No one knows when and what step he will take. According to political pundits, Nitish's election plans and closed room discussions with his own people mean that Nitish can take any big step anytime.


Second reason

Another big discussion is often heard in the political circles about CM Nitish. That is, Nitish never likes the politics of pressure. Last time he did not tolerate the pressure of Lalu Prasad Yadav and said bye bye to him without hesittation. If there is any pressure on him this time too, then it will not take him long to take a big decision. It is being told that this time also RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav wants his son Tejashwi Yadav to become the Chief Minister. For this, he is constantly trying to put pressure on Nitish. Although no one knows how much truth is there in this. Still, if it is so, Nitish will not tolerate this kind of pressure. If Nitish takes a big decision, then this could also be a reason behind it.

Third reason

Amidst the political upheaval in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar has held one-to-one discussions with the MLAs and MPs of the state. JDU MLA Ram Vilas Kamat says that the CM has discussed the problems and developments of the area. The CM told the MLAs and MPs that if there is any problem in the development work, then discuss it directly with me. For this further strategy was discussed but on the other hand experts believe that Nitish Kumar has tried to feel the pulse on the pretext of discussing development works with MLAs and MPs. It is being told that there will be talk on who will support them and how much.

Fourth reason

For the Lok Sabha elections, BJP has started focusing on ten seats. Which include Valmikinagar, Gopalganj, Vaishali, Jhanjharpur, Supaul, Kishanganj, Purnia, Munger, Nawada and Gaya. Nitish Kumar knows that BJP has got a lot of focus on Bihar. Union Home Minister Amit Shah's visits here again and again and many BJP leaders are trying to woo the voters of Bihar. If the BJP succeeds here, then difficulties will arise for Nitish. That's why CM Nitish Kumar knows that if he is out of power, his problems may increase.

Fifth reason

There is a lot of discussion in Bihar about the claims of Union Minister Ramdas Athawale and former Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi. Taking a dig at the opposition meeting held in Patna, he said that Nitish can’t be trusted, he can go with anyone anytime. He claimed that after a few days it would be known that Nitish would again join the BJP before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Apart from this, former Chief Minister of the state Jitan Ram Manjhi has also claimed that Nitish Kumar will once again go to NDA but will not make Tejashwi the Chief Minister under any circumstances. He is only showing Lollipop to Tejashwi Yadav. After the resignation of Manjhi's son from the Nitish cabinet, the political atmosphere of the state is hot.

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