2 Jul 2023

Chandamama Door Nahi Paas Ke: Sarika Gharu Explains Science Of ISRO's Chandrayaan-3 To Kids In Bhopal

Bhopal: The model of the GSLV Mark III heavy lift launch vehicle was ready. The children started counting the countdown for the launch of the model Chandrayaan-3 and as soon as they spoke 3, 2 1, zero, the Chandrayaan took off. After reaching the height, while coming down, the scientific aspects of its soft landing were explained. The launch vehicle was made from an empty bottle of cold drink.


All this happened in the Chandamama Paas programme organized by National Award winning science broadcaster Sarika Gharu under Vidyavigyan. Sarika Gharu organized this programme to tell about Chandrayaan 3, which will be sent to the moon by India on July 13. In this, the facts of space science were explained with the help of working models of lander, rover, launch vehicle and interesting experiment of water rocketry. India's achievements in space science were also recited on this occasion.

Sarika told that Chandrayaan-3 is an ambitious mission of ISRO which aims to place the lander and rover in the high altitude areas near the south pole of the Moon. It will be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center at Sriharikota.


Sarika told how it is different from Chandrayaan-2

1. Chandrayaan-2 had Vikram Lander, Pragyan Rover and an Orbiter while Chandrayaan-3 will have only Lander and Rover. It will not have an orbiter. It also has more cameras. It is not a replica of Chandrayaan-2. The engineering of this vehicle is totally different. It has been made very strong, so that problems like before do not come to the fore.

2. Improvements have been made in the hardware, structure, computer, software and sensors of Chandrayaan-3.

3. More fuel has been added.

4. Landing legs have been strengthened.

5 Large solar panels have been installed to produce more energy.

6. Apart from this, 'Laser Doppler Velocimeter' has also been installed in Chandrayaan-3 to measure the speed.

7. Chandrayaan's algorithm has been changed. Software has also been added to enable Chandrayaan to be landed at another location in case of any failure at the fixed location.


Sarika told that thus Chandrayaan-3 is a follow on mission of Chandrayaan-2. So, with its success, the children of India will be able to sing the song - Chandamama paas ke.

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