2 Jul 2023

Amritsar-Jamnagar Highway: How PM Modi Will Balance Equations Of 2024 Lok Sabha And Coming Assembly Elections In Rajasthan, 3 Other States

Bikaner (Rajasthan): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Green Express Highway between Amritsar and Jamnagar on July 8 in Rajasthan's Bikaner.

On this occasion, a general meeting of the Prime Minister will also be held at Naurangdesar near Bikaner. The express highway has been built at a cost of more than Rs 20000 crore. With this highway, the journey between Amritsar and Jamnagar will come down to 12 hours from 23 hours. 

5 dists of Rajasthan will be connected with expressway

Five districts of Rajasthan will also be connected with this expressway. Mid-way hotels, toll plazas, petrol pumps and charging centers are also being built in the middle of the highway. This is the second six-lane expressway in the country, on which helipads are to be built near the interchange or way site. For this NHAI has spotted 20 to 25 sites.

The expressway will connect Rajasthan to Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, while exports from Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh will benefit. This expressway will connect 7 states of the country and 3 major refineries and 3 ports of the country. 

PM’s 2nd visit to Rajasthan in a month

PM Modi is coming to Rajasthan for the second time within a month. There are assembly elections after six months, so Modi's visit is important. With the help of Amritsar-Jamnagar Green Expressway, PM will balance the equations of 2024 Lok Sabha and the coming Vidhan Sabha. 

BJP had lost 21 assembly seats in 5 dists in 2018 

Five districts of Rajasthan will also be connected by this expressway. In 2018, BJP had lost 21 assembly seats in these districts. BJP has only 11 seats in these districts. Barmer-Jodhpur districts are such where BJP has only one seat each. With the help of the speed of the expressway, PM Modi will also try to increase the base of the BJP. In the five districts through which the highway will pass, the BJP's base had completely slipped in two districts in 2018 as it had won only two out of eight assembly seats in Jodhpur and seven in Barmer. It won three seats in Bikaner and four in Jalore. In Hanumangarh district, Congress-BJP were equal on two seats each.

Gehlot trying to take advantage by raising issue of ERCP in East Rajasthan

In eastern Rajasthan, Gehlot is repeatedly trying to take political advantage there by raising the issue of Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP). With the help of expressway, PM Modi will strengthen his foothold in the west and BJP will use it in election meetings. The expressway in Rajasthan will also be included in Prime Minister's Nau Saal Bemisaal programme. BJP leaders and ministers are talking about not doing politics with the help of this highway. But it is known to everyone that this will become an election issue in the coming days. 

BJP also eyeing 74 Lok Sabha seats in 4 states

The BJP is also eyeing 74 Lok Sabha seats in four states with the help of this highway, taking the target of 2024. Gujarat is a stronghold of the BJP. BJP has all the Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan, but BJP MPs are also facing anti-incumbency, which Modi will try to reduce. Apart from this, efforts will be made to strengthen the BJP’s weak base in Punjab.

Focus will also be on 25 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan, 13 in Punjab, 26 in Gujarat and 10 in Haryana. Since it is the country's second 6-lane expressway, all the states will benefit from it and will be interconnected, so Modi will not hold back in capitalizing on it. 

Cong likely to suffer loss in Gujjar belt in eastern Rajasthan

Due to Gehlot’ bitter realtions with CM, Congress is likely to suffer loss in the Gujjar belt in eastern Rajasthan. But in the name of inflation relief camp, the anti-incumbency against the government is being taken care of. Gehlot wants to compensate for eastern Rajasthan with western Rajasthan. 

This is the reason why all three Congress MLAs of Bikaner were made ministers. Four more leaders were also made board presidents. Apart from this, CM Gehlot himself is the MLA from Jodhpur. Strong leaders like Saleh Mohammad, Hemaram Choudhary were made ministers. Gehlot himself is from Sardarpura seat in Jodhpur district. In such a situation, Prime Minister Modi is trying to spoil Gehlot's arithematic with the help of expressway.

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