4 Jul 2023

Holy month of Sawan begins with Bhasma Aarti of Mahakal, this time these special coincidences will be formed

Holy month of Sawan has started. Mahadev is worshipped in Sawan. Devotees worship Lord Shiva with full devotion during this month. This year Sawan is coming with a special coincidence after 19 years. 

Because this time Sawan will be of two months duration. From Tuesday 4th July to 31st August people will get a chance to celebrate Shiv Utsav. Adhik  Maas is falling during the month of Sawan. Therefore, by offering prayers during this time, along with Lord Hari, the blessings of Lord Shiva will also be showered. In such a situation, with the beginning of the month of Sawan, the crowd has started increasing in the Shiva Temples.

Bhasma aarti performed

In the famous Jyotirlinga Lord Mahakaleshwar Darbar of Ujjain, the holy month of Sawan has started here with Bhasma Aarti. In the month of Sawan and Bhado, Lord Mahakal's Sawari goes on city tour. Devotees from all over the country reach Ujjain to participate in the ride of Lord Mahakal. 

Earlier, Jalabhishek was performed after the opening of the doors of Lord Mahakal. After this, Baba Mahakal was bathed with milk, curd, honey, ghee, sugar, aromatics, perfumes and fruit juices.

Devotees will reach from country and abroad for darshan of Lord Mahakal

Devotees from all over the country arrive in Sawan to seek the blessings of Rajadhiraj Lord Mahakal. There is also a change in the time of worship of Lord Mahakal in the month of Sawan. Any festival begins first in the court of Lord Mahakal, the king of the twelve Jyotirlingas. In such a situation, the doors of Lord Mahakal were opened on Tuesday at around 2.30 am. 

With this, the process of devotion to Shiva started. There is an influx of Shiva devotees in the month of Savan in the Mahakal temple. According to Mahant Vineet Giri Maharaj, in the month of Sawan, where greenery is scattered all around, the devotees of Shiva spend the month of Sawan amidst natural beauty.

Lord decked up with sandalwood, abir, gulal, dry fruits with hemp

As soon as the doors opened in the night, Lord Mahakal came from the formless to the corporal form. The Lord was decorated with sandalwood, abir, gulal, dry fruits along with hemp. After this grand Bhasma Aarti was performed. 

Sandeep Soni, administrator of the Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee, says that the entry to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Mahakal was closed in the month of Sawan. In fact, it is the effort of the temple administration that maximum number of devotees can have darshan of God from outside. For this, the arrangements for darshan and worship from the sanctum sanctorum can start after the end of Adhik Maas.

Baba Mahakal's special aarti as soon as the doors open

On the first day of Sawan, a special aarti of Baba Mahakal was performed as soon as the doors opened. Bhog Aarti is performed after morning Aarti and evening Aarti is performed in the evening. At the same time, the doors of the temple are closed with Shayan Aarti at night. These doors are opened again the next day with Bhasma Aarti. In this way, apart from Bhasma Aarti, Shiva devotees can participate in four other Aartis as well

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