23 Jul 2023

Kuno: 11 Cheetahs Brought To Big Enclosure For Check-up; Radio Collars Of Six Removed

Sheopur: In the wake of the death of eight cheetahs in less than four months in Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park,  cheetahs roaming in the open forest of Kuno are being tranquilized and shifted one after the other to a bigger enclosure.

So far 11 cheetahs have been brought to the big enclosure. Experts from Namibia-South Africa along with the Forest Department team are doing their medical checkup. Radio caller IDs of 6 Cheetahs has also been removed.

According to the specialist team, cheetah Pavak was brought to the larger enclosure on Saturday (July 22). In the initial examination, he was found to be completely healthy. For now he will be kept in the big enclosure.

Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Prakash Verma said there are a total of 11 cheetahs including 6 males and 5 females in the large enclosure of Kuno National Park. The remaining 4 cheetahs in the open forest will also be brought to Kuno. One cub has been isolated.

Three cheetahs had wound and infection on their neck. Kuno management had expressed apprehension that the cause of this infection could be Radio Caller ID. Therefore the caller IDs of 6 cheetahs have been removed. It is also being considered to remove the caller ID of the remaining cheetahs.

DFO Prakash Verma told that at present there is no plan to shift some cheetahs from Kuno National Park to Rajasthan. Only senior officers will be able to tell more about this, he said.

It is noteworthy that few days back, the Supreme Court had expressed concern over the death of cheetahs. During the hearing, the court asked the central government to rise above politics and consider shifting some cheetahs from Kuno to Rajasthan.

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