30 Jul 2023

Madhya Pradesh: PM Modi Hails Shahdol’s Football Kranti, 'Mini Brazil' Vicharpur village In Mann Ki Baat

New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi mentioned Shahdol's Football Kranti (football revolution) and Vicharpur village known as Mini Brazil in the programme "Mann Ki Baat" today. PM Modi had met young and child football players during his last visit here on July 1. 

Former national player and coach Raees Ahmed encouraged these children to take up football. Today more than 1200 football clubs are running in Shahdol and its surrounding villages. Football and sports ground facilities have been made available to these clubs by the administration.

Youths were suffering harms of increase in drug abuse

PM Modi told that Vicharpur village in Shahdol district is considered as Mini Brazil. Two to two and a half decades back, the youths were suffering the harms of increase in drug abuse here. Recognising the talent of the youths, Raees Ahmed started teaching them football with limited resources. Football became popular in a short time. 

Now a programme called Football Kranti is going on here, in which sports training is given to the youths. More than 40 national and state level talents have come to the fore. The Prime Minister said that it appeared necessary to inform the countrymen about this achievement, hence it has been mentioned in "Mann Ki Baat".

PM Modi had also interacted with 100 promising football players and coaches of the Football Revolution programme during his visit to Shahdol on July 01. He listened to their experiences in intimate conversation with the players. The Prime Minister also interacted with four-year-old Anidev and five-year-old Yash and inquired about their love for football.

Water conservation efforts also mentioned

PM Modi also mentioned village Pakaria in Shahdol district where the people of tribal society are serious about the conservation of nature and water. The people of this area have converted around 100 wells into water recharge systems with the help of the local administration.

Mention of picture stories being made in Ujjain

PM Modi also mentioned the work of making picture stories based on Puranas in Ujjain. 18 painters from all over the country who make paintings in Pahari style, Nathdwara style, Bundi style and Apabhramsh style will display their works in the Triveni Museum. Devotees and tourists will be able to visit a new divine place in Ujjain with Shri Mahakal Lok. 

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