28 Jul 2023

Rajasthan: Sachin Pilot Said This Amidst Political Uproar Over Red Diary

Jaipur: Amidst the political uproar over Red Diary, former Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot said that BJP has no issue left. It has been an old habit of BJP to spread and discuss such things before elections. BJP is in the government at the Center and is in opposition in Rajasthan. But it is failing both in power and opposition. Pilot was interacting with the media during his visit to Tonk.

Pilot said – BJP leaders are embroiled in mutual quarrels. In four and a half years, the BJP could not play the role of a responsible opposition in Rajasthan, either inside or outside the Assembly. In the coming assembly elections, Congress will be able to form government in all the four states including Rajasthan.

PM comes to Rajasthan when polls come & talks only on political issues

Pilot said- When the Prime Minister came to Rajasthan, we expected that he would talk on the issues of the state. The Center is not paying our tax share in full. The Center is showing favoritism regarding the schemes. Have raised issue on that many times. When elections come, the Prime Minister comes to Rajasthan and talks only on political issues. Does not talk about issues related to development. They don't even talk about solving the pending issues of Rajasthan.

Pilot said- The way the Prime Minister has observed a vow of silence on the issue of Manipur is worrying. Manipur is burning in the fire of violence. A state where there is no such thing as government left. People are fighting with each other, rapes and murders are happening but the top leadership of BJP is not even discussing Manipur. We are worried about Manipur.

Govt agencies have been willfully misused

Pilot said- The BJP government is in power at the Center for the last 9 years. Due to the arrogance of power, BJP has done the work of destroying democracy. In these 9 years, government agencies have been willfully misused. BJP has done the work of increasing inflation, creating hatred, ending employment, increasing woes of farmers during their rule. BJP is a rumour-mongering party. But we have to maintain our brotherhood. BJP is having objection even in the name of opposition alliance.

Pilot said- Congress party is a party of thirty-six communities. The backbone of the party is the workers. Assembly elections are going to be held in the near future. We have to take everyone together and go to the polls in solidarity. A befitting reply has to be given to the forces that break the country. There is a need for the workers to join the field from now itself working with solidarity to make the party win in the coming assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections.

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